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Hebrew Literature

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Hebrew Literature is consists of ancient, medieval, and modern writings in the Hebrew language. It is one of the primary forms of Jewish literature, though there have been cases of literature written in Hebrew bynon-Jews. Its twin foundations are the Bible and the Talmud. Beyond comparison, the most important of such works in Hebrew is the Bible. • Bible – written law 1. Old Testament • 39 books 2. New Testament • 27 books • Talmud – oral law What is it that sets the wisdom of the Hebrews apart from the other cultures of their time?

There are lots of differences in the assumptions that formed the framework for the Hebrew thinking apart from the other nations at that time, the most distinguishing being their beliefs about God.

Unlike other cultures of that time, the Hebrew people believed in one God, and His Name was YHWH. That, in it, was distinctive because most cultures engaged in polytheistic worship, wherein not one god, but many were exalted. Yet, it is not merely their belief in one God that set the foundation for Hebrew thinking and living; it is what they believed about Him that made the difference.

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Egyptians and Babylonians had a complex system of religion that included a multiplicity of gods, often represented by animals such as a cat, baboon, or lion. ] The Hebrew people saw God as one who was actively involved in human life. He created all things (Psalm 104:24), sustains all things (Psalm 145:16), is sovereign over all things (Psalm 67:4) and so demands the respect and worship of his handiwork (Psalm 150:6).

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The god of the Hebrews was not dependent upon them; they were vitally dependent upon Him. Hebrew literature is generally emotional and compassionate because of the language itself.

According to what I have read, Hebrew language is considered complete and ideal; it is thought to have harmony and balance in its structure; it is free of error and contradiction, and everything in it can be explained. The Outstanding Books Of The Old Testament 1. The Book of Joshua • It is the sixth book of the Old Testament of the Bible. It is named for the leader who led Israel in the successful conquest of Canaan, the Promised Land. The book is divided into three parts: the crossing of the Red Sea, the fall of Jericho, and Joshua’s victory while the sun and moon stood still. . The Book of Judges • It is the seventh book of the Old Testament. It contains the history of Biblical judges, who helped rule and guide the ancient Israelites.

The father of Hebrew enlightenment, Moses Mendelssohn, has also been called as the father of periodical literature of Hebrew, as well as the “Jewish Socrates”. The enlightenment period showed great influence in religious work, epic, lyric, dramatic poetry and bible theme, thus the number one best seller among the books published is the Bible. The Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of the believers. Their doctrines are holy, its precepts are binding, its histories are true and its decisions are immutable. Read it to be wise, believe it to be holy.

It contains light to direct you, food to support you, and comfort to cheer you, it is the traveler’s map, the pilgrim’s staff, the pilot’s compass, the soldier’s sword and the Christian’s character. It fills the memory, rules the heart, and guides the feet. It is the mine of wealth, the paradise of glory, and river of pleasure. It is given in life, will be opened in judgment, and be remembered forever. THE OLD TESTAMENT is the collection of sacred books of the Hebrews. It has 4 major parts: The Pentateuch or Torah, Historical Books, Wisdom Books and Prophetic Books. 1. The Pentateuch.

It includes the first 5 books of the Old Testament namely Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. These books were originally written as a single unbroken scroll. Sometime before the 2nd Century BCE, it was divided into the 5 books that we see today. • Genesis – tells the story of the world’s beginnings and the descent of Abraham. • Exodus – tells the story of God’s revelation to his people Israel through Moses • Leviticus – consists of various moral and ritual laws sometimes called the Holiness Code  • Numbers – Prepare for the entry of the promise land. • Deuteronomy – series of speeches by Moses 2.

Historical Books which narrates the difficulties and triumphs of the Israelites. 3. Wisdom Books – contains words of wisdom or proverbs. 4. Prophetic Book bears the names of the four major and twelve Minor Prophets. The term “major/minor” refers to their length, not to their importance. These prophets express God’s sense of justice – His anger against deceit and oppression of the poor and the weak. • Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel • Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah • Micah Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah Malachi To enhance your understanding and appreciation.

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