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Heaven to Hell Essay

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His arms lay at the side of his motionless body, sound from the startled animals murmured in the distance, but silence surrounded the forest’s opening were the disaster had happened. It seamed peaceful at the time and the battered wings of the helicopter still turned slowly round in the gentle breeze. James’ expression still sent a happy glow over his face, which matched the bright yellow ‘happy 9th birthday’ badge stuck now deep into his chest from the fall. A dull light from the fire burned crackling in the cockpit, as it caught breath from the open window next to the pilot’s head.

The fallen sycamore tree leaned nicely underneath the helicopter’s feet, whilst one startled squirrel ran across the bark to James’ body. It was all happening so slowly now as it had been some hours since the catastrophe. Shortly after another helicopter could he heard overhead hearing the distress calls sent out by the pilot before he dies and landed close by in another clearing. The hurried newcomer at the job jumped out at a speed through its door carrying a stretcher for one of the injured party but caught a glimpse of James at first and went straight in his direction as he was easiest to get to.

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James lay next to the metal door of the fallen helicopter as he’d jumped out near the end of the crash. His foot was covered in blood and lay on a single thread of skin before coming off as the nurses picked him up and put him onto the stretcher. This was all they could do at the time and darted off the to nearest hospital after checking the pilot’s dead pulse and leaving him for the urgent case of James. ‘Next is the update to all of Devon’s ‘crazy’ goings on in the past 24 hours . ‘ yelled the reporter from BBC1’s news at 10 named Roger Federer as he stood at the lading place of the crashed helicopter.

Anxious on-lookers from the hospital where James lay listened for the update. ‘I stand now at the site of James Eaton and pilot Phillip Carrier’s fall from the sky. I am told by technicians that as they flew one of the routine ‘have a go’ rides at the country wide Royal Air Force open days, where James was spending his ninth birthday when the engine overheated from customers pouring in all day and went out of control over Shilling Forest and the pilot could not use any methods of safety for a better landing before they crashed through the trees into this clearing at the bottom, splitting some of the helicopter in half and killing Philip.

It was a lucky break for James, even though he’s still having to go through it, as he only lost his right foot in the fall, he is now being carefully treated at our hospital in Devon to get him through this traumatizing experience. That’s is from me, Roger Federer, at Shilling Forest BBC1, good bye until tomorrow and back to you at control in London. ‘ Caught in the moment from the information she had just heard, as it was her idea for the birthday trip this year, Mrs. Eaton got up at once from her seat and switched off the public television in the waiting room and ran to find James accompanied by her husband.

James was in a deep sleep at the time under heavy anesthetic incase he did come round and feel the pain from the blows to his head and now disabled foot. Many hopeful doctors surrounded his bed, all wearing overalls and masks talking amongst themselves on what condition he was and could be in, if they did certain procedures but it was at this point James’ parents rushed in to see their son for the first time since he took off in the helicopter nearly half a day ago. It was already 12 o’clock at night but they were both still wide-awake to keep the safety of their son to a maximum.

A startled doctor turned around to see them two startled adults and said, ‘oh, I’m terribly sorry, I don’t think you’ll be able to accompany James for a while, he’s being treated at the moment. Anyway, he’s under heavy sedation at the current time, I’d advise you to come back tomorrow so you can have some privacy, visiting hours are from 9-11 in the morning, each morning. ‘ ‘Please can we just have some time with him now, were his parents and we haven’t seen him since this morning, just a few minuets.

‘ ‘Very well, but you mustn’t touch him, this cover over him is concealing some unwanted sights for visitors to see and we need to operate on it in its current form. ‘ He now spoke out and said to the rest of the doctors and nurses, ‘everyone out for a break, lets leave the family for a few moments. ‘ Each doctor replaced their tools in the appropriate positions and left the small room whilst Mark and Judy sat down on chairs they’d found in the room and moved them to be beside James.

Judy burst into tears at once and leant over to comfort and hug her only child whilst thinking of every good time they’d shared so far, not contemplating anything else. The faint bleep of the heart monitor sounded in the background, which still gave them the relief James, was still OK. But once Mrs. Eaton had released her tight grip now feeling comforted, and rested for a moment on James’ chest to regain her strength, but as she did so her wet cheek from the tears pressed down on James birthday badge and it dug deeper into his chest at once, moving ever so closer to penetrating an organ in his rib cage.

In one moment she jolted, feeling the hard surface and finished the chain to move the badge through to squash her son’s heart then slip to his lung cutting off his circulation. At once they both gasped, and the room fell into one single, now pounding, noise from the heart monitor and they rushed to find a doctor to help. James’ face still made a half smirk in the empty room but this time his body was dead. A few moments later a doctor rushed in then went straight back out to find a resurrection device to use as a 3rd lung until they’d fixed the other.

While this was going on James just turned slightly as his mind awakened again and his soul now drifted upwards. What probably wasn’t clear at first was him and him parents were Christians, in fact they’d just returned a few days a go from one of their annual trips with their church which was very strong on youth development and James loved it there, and it as by this feeling of security in My church that he got baptized last year to proclaim his faith towards Me, My son, and the Holy Spirit. But now as James’ soul moved closer and closer to the gates of Heaven none of that mattered, he was home.

His mind and soul took the place of his body and his eyes opened to the bright light around him and he could see for miles. Through the clouds, and then denser things out of any human knowledgeable place to reach My glorious kingdom. His eyes pondered the excitement of his arrival looking slightly bewildered but soon found his soul yearning for more of what his life was now to be, and he entered. He looked around My creation in awe. He could not see his body, but by no reaction from people he saw, he came to the conclusion he was invisible.

There was golden bricks on the floor for paths and roads but each city he flew across had no cars of buses, a completely free space mixed of churches and people. The only method of transport he was to walk of float around as he did. There seamed to be some force moving him around, some sort of guide which taught him the place he had entered to familiarize him with it and what he could do. Each cloud in the sky was white and the sky itself blue, plants and trees had an endless supply of nutrients and water that they needed to grow to be majestic sights in the cities.

All shops and stores sold the same living apparatus he had back on earth, and everyone ate the same foods but it was free, and no-one seamed to be rushing to obtain this weird prize. There was no arguments, or fights, no crying or hurt, in-fact, their seamed to be nothing wrong with the place at all as he floated up a large hill seeing smaller and smaller cities towards a chapel at the top. James’ eyes were now fixed on the object ahead wondering what it had install for him, and as he did so he could hear prayers from the houses he rose above from Christians young and old just like he had done on earth.

When he finally reached to top, he drifted down to touch the ground and saw an image of himself standing which was how he stood just before he had died. The two huge doors in front of him opened and he entered My house. I went across towards him but he was blinded by the light I gave off, being too pure for any human eyes to see, so James could only listen to my voice as I spoke. ‘Hello, James. It is good to finally see you at your destined house, and in good time I see. ‘ ‘Lord? Is this…..? ‘ James started to jolt backwards and forwards as back at Devon hospital, Doctor Pedge fixed on the lung replacement and James began to wake up.

‘Good bye James, good bye for now. ‘ Beamed down my voice before he left and returned to earth. ‘Thank goodness, I thought we lost you James. ‘ ‘Yeah,’ he replied, still deep in thought about what he had just witnessed, deciding what to do with it but then fell asleep again to awake later the next day to be taken home by his grandparents as his mother and father had to work. The seriousness of the accident didn’t hit James until some time later when he realized that the deformed right leg he had obtained would be there for life, and the memories of the crash happening still played in his mind sometimes.

But this was what led him to become very self-conscious around others, especially at his new middle school that he started a few months later on September the 15th. St. Mark’s school was filled with people who knew about his accident, and the wheelchair with a bandage around his foot didn’t help people thinking either. He started to mix with the wrong crowd because even though he was going through pain, he felt that the only way to deal with it was to make others feel uncomfortable and make them feel bad too, maybe even it out but this was his choice.

This brought on a domino of bad events for My Christian when he left school before 6th form with a few others with the same idea from the same crew and he decided to use the fund for college to replace his foot and cover up the memory of that day in the forest. He drifted away from his parents, but more importantly from his loved church where he spent a lot of time when recovering from the accident. And the next thing he knew, he was in hospital again alongside his crew member from the fight half dead.

‘Keep him on anesthetic for now, both of them and find separate rooms as quick as you can, I don’t think they’ll want to see each other whilst they’re in this state. ‘ James lay still and tried to turn his head to see who was next to him, but couldn’t do it, nor call to find his name. But as the anesthetic kicked in, he dosed off and remembered what had just happened for the first time. He had been to one of his routine Friday night clubs with his mates, all from St. Mark’s, and all following the wrong path for life worshipping idols etc and not focusing on anything else.

This was what James had slipped into, not even realizing it, but he had moved away from Me and his loved ones, only to find happiness in a gang of low lives to get cheap frills out of serious situations, and this night was no different from that. The 5 friends had upset a very well respected gang member from the new club they’d entered, but didn’t back down when faced with many people standing outside waiting for them and tried to fight their way out, but as they did one scared gang member brought out a gun to James and his friend who were fighting him, and threatened to shoot if they didn’t back off.

The two did so but the man shot anyway, in a freak accident of nerves but could not help his mistake and shot himself too at the site of what he’d done, and dropped dead in an instant. The two laying on the floor has startled everyone else so they scattered around the town to escape when the police came to try and keep them alive to get them in a better condition. The doctors had now found one bullet in each friend, both in the head but had not grazed too much brain to kill them.

The only problem was that if they removed it, would it open a blood clot and start pouring out from the wound. The doctors pondered this for a while and began on James first deciding it’s better out than in at the point, but it clipped an artery on the way out, as well as the wound being open for flow of blood and he started to lose it rapidly. It was too much to live on at the time and again his soul moved out from his body, but drifted downwards this time.

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