Heath and safety Essay

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Heath and safety

A hazard is something that is a physically there e.g. A box in the middle of the floor. The risk of that is that someone may trip and fall. 3.1. Identify non medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting Some non-medical emergencies that may occur are, a young person going missing, if keys were lost, especially the keys with the key that has access to the medication lock up, a fire, if someone were to break in.

4.1. Identify the signs and symptoms which may indicate that a child or young person is injured or unwell If they are quieter than usual, changes in behaviour, physical injuries, if they look flushed or pale, vomiting or diarrhoea, l4.2. Identify circumstances when children or young people may need urgent medical attention If they already have a medical condition eg. Epilepsy, and they have seizures that they haven’t had before or haven’t had one in a long time or they last longer than what there normal is. Head injuries due to accidents or seizures

Suspected broken bones.

4.3. Outline own role and responsibilities in the event of a child or young person requiring urgent medical attention If I was on shift and a young person needed urgent medical attention I would firstly alert whoever is shift leading that day but stay with the young person seeing to there medical needs I would then phone an ambulance and await instruction from my shift leader who would be either seeing to the young person or on the phone to the ambulance and I would be doing the other. If I was shift leading I would have to tale control of the situation and direct my staff team to what they need to do, there is usually 4 staff members on as the shift leader I would be on the phone to an ambulance I would direct another first aid trained staff member to stay with the young person and get the other 2 to take the other young people away from the situation.

6.1. Outline procedures for infection control in own work setting Make sure while doing personal care gloves and aprons are worn, also that anything with the young people’s bodily fluids are disposed of correctly in the correct bin. Any bodily fluids are clean up correctly e.g. Vomit. After a young person has finished there stay at the dragons retreat the bedroom must be deep cleaned before any one else can stay. 7.2. Explain how the procedures of the work setting protect both children and young people and practitioners They protect both young people and practitioners by ensuring that people working with the young people are all following the correct procedures which are in place to ensure the safety and well being of the young people.

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