Heater Essay Topics


As the name implies, heaters are those thermostatically controlled devices that are employed for heating matter i.e. solid, liquid and gas. In the past, humans could not think of the ease to cook, wash, manufacture, melt, wash, which is present these days. The availability of clean water is possible due to the arrival of heaters…. View Article

Stone Therapy Treatments -Understand How to use Stone Therapy Treatments

References – IHM (Indian Head Massage), BM (Body Massage), AM (Pre Blended Aromatherapy Oil Massage, HSM (Hot Stone Massage) Knowledge – B24 – Outcome 10 – HSM UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE STONE THERAPY EQUIPMENT a. Explain the types of safe, purpose-built stone heating equipment and how to use and position them safely. Hot stone heaters… View Article