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Heat energy Essay

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Heat energy

We did happen to spill the alcohol burner (only once, luckily) as we tried to put the flame out on the alcohol burner and set fire to our workstation which did results in a bit of a lively fiasco, which was fun… But didn’t really help us in terms of the time lost clearing up the mess etc etc. Also, since we had spread our experiments over several lessons, we hadn’t paid much attention to the distance between the can and the alcohol burner so it varied over each lesson.

Luckily, we did have some idea of how far away the alcohol burner was from the can so we adjusted it accordingly otherwise there might have been some serious consequences on our results… The lack of Butanol in the lab was a setback for us as we couldn’t obtain the results we needed for that alcohol but since we tested each alcohol twice, it didn’t really matter (that we didn’t get to test Butanol) as we could guess pretty much where Butanol’s enthalpy lay on our graph from the results we had obtained during our experiments.

The fact that there were no proper draught insulating materials available to us so that we had to make to with using heat proof mats as the draught shields in our experiments was a potential error. Also, there weren’t enough to go around so some experiments ended up having virtually no heat insulation and some experiments looking like crude igloos. Possible Improvements: We could all do with a bit more common sense here and there.

Possibly our experiment may be executed quicker if we’d another go at it. The distance from the can to the alcohol burner should be logged and kept as similar as possible through the experiments. Some Butanol can be obtained for the next experiment as well because it may have helped… Purchasing some proper draught insulating and heat insulating material wouldn’t go amiss either.

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