Heart of Darkness Essay

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Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” is a tale about how human nature works in different scenarios and settings. It was mentioned that the main characters as well as the supporting characters created a picture that shows the disparity of two cultures, which happens to be an encounter between a civilized white culture and a native black culture. In a way, Conrad was able to highlight the natural desire of humans to seek power and control over other species by means of oppression or imprisonment.

Moreover, most often than not perceptions and reactions of a person to a certain subject matter can be greatly influenced by the prevailing knowledge or notion of a particular location. In this case, Europeans were very apprehensive and uneasy with the things that they know little about such as the African natives whom they thought of as savages and uncultivated. Someone who is not socially aware of the repercussions of discrimination and prejudice can deem this type of behavior acceptable.

Nevertheless, Conrad was able to redeem the initial negative impressions of the main character, Marlow, by the middle of the story. It can only be surmised that acceptance and enlightenment on a foreign culture can only be achieved through assimilation and the realization that we are all the same despite the differences in physical appearance. On the other hand, Conrad’s tone may seem racist or discriminating but this is needed in order for readers to fully comprehend the main focus of the story which is about the demonstration of human nature in the context of colonialism and racism.

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