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Heart Disease Essay

Our body is composed of many organs and all of those organs are important.

One of them is our heart. Heart played a great role in our body because it pumps the blood coming from our vessels throughout the parts of our body. Though there are still some people who are over using their hearts that can lead to some major heart problems. These problems are like heart attack, malfunction of our heart or even slowing of our heart rate. These kinds of heart problems can also be develop thru some diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Obesity can occur because of lack in health or food diet and also lack of exercise everyday. Balance diet and lifestyle like exercising is a good habit to avoid obesity. Thought, thru this many things we are doing in this life it seems to be so complicated. From the day we wake up until to our work and back again at night. Yet, our heart can never be compare for what id did for us, working 24 hours a day, 7 times a week, 30 days a month and so on.

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For this reason, it was found out that unusual feelings or emotions may lead to some malfunction of our heart. Emotional stress is one of the problems due to some problems like in our family, work, or even in our personal relationship.

If emotional stress often occurs to our self, it may produce various transient cardiovascular responses leading to some changes like heart rate then eventually develop to heart disease like heart attack. Then, changes in our heart rate will lead to risk for high blood and improper function of our heart. For this reason, we need to learn how to manage our stress to lesser the risk of heart failure. We need to realize that being frustrated or disappointed to little things like for example, giving other meaning on what we see or hear from other people may cause stress. For this instance, it is advice to always look on both parties and truly accept the opinions of others to lesser the tension that may lead to stress.

Giving time for our self like walking around and having some exercise everyday may be a better help. Making negative things to positive way and being calm in every criticism we hear is a good help in relieving our emotions to stress. We need also to learn that we are the one who take control of our selves, that we have the choice if we let those negative things destroy us or make us better. Depression and hopelessness like being alone and losing faith and hope in things will not help to solve our problem instead may affect our heart and sometimes may lead to heart attack. Though there are times that it may also lead to develop some other diseases like diabetes and obesity that can increase risk in heart problem.

Emotional trauma due to some death, accident and even because of different abuses can also trigger the risk of heart failure or even death. Since the person may also undergo in depression and hopelessness at this stage and for that reason they need accompaniment. If these cases occur, we need to ask some professional help or advices from a doctor because this kind of problems are too serious and need some attention from a professional person to avoid more complicated things to happen.

For the reason that emotional problems is the leading reason of heart failure, doctors have advices that we need to be aware in everything we do, say or act even its physically, mentally or emotionally because it can affect our health in different way like heart failure. Doctors also recommended that the physiological factors that affect our health can never be cure or solve by other people instead by our selves only. People have different way in controlling ourselves and it only depends on us how to manage and handle it.

We need to realize that sometimes, thinking too many especially unnecessary things may affect our emotions. We also need to always remember that if we allow those feeling to overcome us, it can just destroy us because it gives a lot of problems to us like health problems and in reality we can just let those bad thought to just pass away. We need to always remember that we are not on the world of imagination or thinking impossible things instead we are in a real world that even its complicated, its worthwhile living because its real.

Painful and disabling headaches seem to be ignored to be just a simple one but in reality it needs much attention. It is because it can develop to some more complicated diseases that can more damage our brain system like migraine which can affect both sides of our brain that bring a lot of pain called headache. Too much and continues headache without paying attention by the person experiencing it  brought by migraine can damage our health that can lead to brain damage or even tumor in our brain that can cause to a death of one’s patient. Headache is also accompanied by vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to noise, smell and light. If one person is experiencing migraine, he/she can be experiencing “aura” that includes dizziness, double vision and changes in your vision while others can also experience migraine without aura call common migraine.

One person can have a migraine through his/her heritage, it can also develop through the hard activities we had, through alcohol consumptions, through little or too much sleep, also through women who undergo menstruation and sometimes thru the psychological influences that our lifestyle brought to us. Though even researchers haven’t yet prove the psychological influences it brought in developing migraine, but still the factors that have been considered played a great role in curing or preventing migraine. Examples of these psychological influences are thinking of negatives things, frightening, angry, self demeaning and thinking a lot of unnecessary things. Thru these feelings, stress and depression may occur that can more trigger the migraine of one’s person because it affects our brain system.

It affects our brain system because migraine is developed through out brain that leads to headache and if our brain is over work already plus more the things that we are thinking or experiencing, it can more trigger our migraine. These things are the psychological factors that influence a lot the development of migraine is one’s person. Treatments for this kind of disease is still undergoing research for scientist and doctors but some medicine like painkillers is been using for the patients because it can lower down the pain that the patient is experiencing. Though, through those psychological factors in developing migraine, treatment or even prevention can be applied.

Doctors have found out that having a good lifestyle can be a good solution in curing or even preventing migraine. Example, having a good and right diet in the foods that we are eating can be a good key to have good nutrient for our body to fight for those bacteria’s and viruses that are causing migraine. Having a lifestyle also that is full of love and patient can be a good process in preventing anger and negative feeling to be in our thoughts that can lead to stress and even depressions. In conclusion, though psychological factors are not yet proven in preventing or curing migraine, it still played a great role in some major health problems we are experiencing like heart problem.

Psychological factors also is a very safe way in having a good health because it doesn’t involve any taking of medicine because we all know that even good medicines have side effects. Psychological factors also a good key in preventing those diseases because those psychological aspects that may lead to some disease can be prevented by our own selves only. It is just through our self control to the things we are doing, saying, acting or even thinking. It is just a matter of self discipline in all things that we are doing. We need to remember that if we like to have good health, we need to take care of our self too. Health is never been precious than any things in this world. So, let’s take care of our self to prevent those diseases in destroying us.




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