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Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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The Role and Issues that arise of the GetFitCrossFit Organization among adults in Brunei. Health, a fortune I wish upon every woman or man I see for without it she or he will not be able to explore the seas. Although the ideal concept would be for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, the world is evident that this is difficult to achieve. The leading causes of worldwide deaths are diseases which I believe can be prevented (Grifantini, 2010). Simply, health is a necessary commodity to carry out everyday tasks, and if one would like to carry out a task well, one needs to have a healthy mind, body and soul (World Health Organization, 1948).

In Brunei, in the recent years, the government keeps campaigning for healthy lifestyles, banks and other companies hold marathons, GetFitCrossFit organization has been rising and is very popular now.

However, although these efforts have its role and aim on maintaining and achieving a healthy lifestyle, it may not be affective.

Hence, this essay will elaborate on the role and the effectiveness on the GetFitCrossFit organization among adults in Brunei. First and foremost, it is the members’ responsibility to understand the elements of fitness, examine their present fitness status, decide to begin or continue suitable exercise habits and lastly to determine their health behaviors that need to be changed following appropriate steps (Howley & Franks, 1991, p.10). The role of this organization is basically to keep fit and practice a healthy lifestyle. Adding to that, their aim is to make people fast and strong. This organization concentrates on mainly on three fundamental factors that must collaborate in order to benefit from workouts which are exercise, nutrition and recovery. Weightlifting, gymnastics and running are the components used for the exercise in balancing strength and conditioning. Balanced diet is really important in terms of reducing processed food and sugar and more natural foods (Rodriguez, 2009). As for the recovery, proper sleeping habits are needed, stretching and make the soft tissues work by massage therapy.

The GetFitCrossFit organization is organized and thorough with what they do. Members will have a full fitness assessment before starting because each individual will have a safely designed workout done by the committee. Not only will the members be coached during the workout but also in and out of the gym. Everyone in this organization motivates one another and improves by working hard, having determination and a persevering attitude. This organization’s slogan is Forging Elite Fitness (GetFitCrossFit, 2012). An individual that enters this organization has definitely made a crucial move towards improving or maintaining their present fitness level but there are issues that may arise among adults in Brunei (Howley & Franks, 1991, p.10).

Firstly, setting goals is important so that there is an aim to strive. If there are no goals, there is no motivation and a clear plan. This will lead to not being able to see any results from start although GetFitCrossFit assist one person in making healthy changes; one person still have to decide on what changes to make. Secondly, some people are afraid of pain, injury and torture that they might encounter hence not wanting to join this organization. Some people may go for the first time and after finding out what it is all about, they give up as they do not have the mindset of putting in efforts to be fit and healthy. Thirdly, GetFitCrossFit has a fixed time resulting in the main biggest reason to not join or stop this organization is that they have no time. This shows that prioritizing is really poor among adults in Brunei. Fourthly, some people are afraid of their reputation. They may be embarrassed on their appearance, the mistakes they may make, having weak health and poor stamina (Why people stop exercising, 2012).

Letting go of bad habits such as reductions in smoking, alcoholic drinking, weight, eating unhealthy food and stress are also the major issues (Howley & Franks, 1991, p.211). Lastly, this is rare but some people can’t afford the membership payment which costs hundred dollars per month. Moving on will be the effectiveness of this organization. GetFitCrossFit organization meets every day except on Sundays after 6pm onwards and in the mornings on Saturday. Amazingly, every Tuesday, the GetFitCrossFit outdoor session is held at the University of Brunei Darussalam. The rest of the days, it is held at their gym which is called the box (GetFitCrossFit, 2010). This organization has a blog which will be updated daily to guide their members before the actual workouts in the evenings occur. According to Tobey (1920, p.649), Emerson once stated “The first wealth is health.”

Therefore the members in this organization do not take this as an expense but instead a necessity and money well spent. They see this as an activity of making new friends and having fun as well as getting or keeping fit. Some people get motivated by having a group of people in an organization having to follow rules and regulations rather than exercising alone (Too, 2011). Exercising and keeping fit does not only improve and maintain fitness level but it can have a huge impact on living longer even not losing weight (Gard ner, 2011). Besides that, GetFitCrossFit promotes its organization really well. For every first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month, eligible students and unemployed may attend their sessions for free (GetFitCrossFit, 2010). The Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Ranoadidas and Bruneitweet plays a big role in advertising their organization (Sheridan, 2012). Even the bruneitweet, Delwin Keasberry, is a member of this organization. Current members share their experiences and goals with their colleagues at work, school and their social peers which really motivate them and hence joining this organization.

GetFitCrossFit are also known through the newspapers as they help for charities. They also hold motivational talks to different institutions and participate in road shows. In conclusion, exercise and fitness are necessary elements in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is definitely clear that in order to live long, one needs to have a healthy life. Although Brunei is trying their best to promote and campaign for healthy lifestyles, the issues as mentioned above may arise. GetFitCrossFit organization has a very good intention, motivation and role but it really depends on how effective the organization is. Advertisement and promotion is really important to show adults in Brunei what GetFitCrossFit clearly does and their aim. To wrap it all up Benjamin Franklin once said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (

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