Healthy Life Style Essay

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Healthy Life Style

Everyone wants a nice healthy lifestyle, and everyone wants to be fit. Being fit and healthy is very important. Being healthy is the key to lead a happy life. People who are fit, stay fit even when they get old. Living a healthy lifestyle is not too hard, and it pays off. A healthy life style keeps you in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. Healthy living has many benefits. A healthy lifestyle keeps you physically strong, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduces risk of many diseases, and enhances your appearance.

Many studies show that a healthy lifestyle prevents against many diseases, and that leads to a longer life. Having a healthy lifestyle makes you feel good, energetic, fresh, and confident. If someone wants to be happy, he has to have a healthy lifestyle.

It is not hard to live a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle just takes a little diet control and some exercise. The first step is to be enthusiastic and keep yourself motivated, and join a fitness club/gym because it is really hard working out at your residence. At his residence a person feels lazy. Join a gym that is close to your residence, so don’t feel lazy going to it. Have a friend workout with you to keep you entertained, so you don’t get bored. Go to the gym at least three times a week and workout for forty five minutes to one hour, and make a schedule for workout. Do some cardio vascular exercise twice a week for forty minutes.

Healthy eating is very important. Eat a protein and fiber full meal every three hours. Eating every three hours keeps your metabolism running fast, and that keeps your body from storing fat. Don’t eat heavy carbohydrate meals right before bed time, and try to eat them in the morning and afternoon. Stay away from sugary and fatty things like doughnuts, cream cookies, cream cakes, sugary deserts, and sugary juices.

Once you have a balanced diet, and you have a decent amount of workout, you will feel the difference. Watch as your body losses fat, gains muscle, and gains stamina. You will feel fit, relaxed, younger, and you will also have fewer headaches, less stress, and will find life easy.

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