Healthy Eating Habits for Better Life

Most eating habits are established during childhood. But that does not mean it’s too late to adopt new health habits.

Making healthy changes does not mean the need to switch to a completely new diet. Start to change as quickly as you want by following the following basic hygiene habits.

Take Breakfast

Research suggests that eating breakfast daily helps lose weight and maintain it by reducing the feeling of hunger later in the day. When you break your fast all night with a healthy breakfast, resisting unhealthy choices during the day becomes easier.

Include two groups of foods – such as whole grains or protein free of grease, dairy, fruit and vegetables – in breakfast to stand on the right path to spend a day eating healthy food.

Drink Water

Water is a very important nutrient that we often overlook. Sixty percent of your weight is made up of water, and each of your body’s organs needs it to function properly.

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Fluid needs depend on several factors: your health, your environment, your activity, and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men need 13 cups of 8 ounces of water and women need nine cups of water of 8 ounces a day.

The thirst can often be misunderstood as hunger. Check your body when you feel hungry, especially later in the day. Drinking a glass of water before eating can quench thirst and prevent you from eating unnecessary calories.

Know What to Eat

Eat foods that contain only ingredients that you can easily identify and foods that contain a few ingredients.

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Eating more ‘real food’ will help you get rid of processed food, such as potato chips, cakes and frozen meals.

You will naturally choose fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fat-free protein sources, and healthy fats. These foods are rich in nutrients, but it is important to keep control of the portion of choice when it comes to foods in protein and fat groups, because they tend to be high in calories.

Be Very Selective in Restaurants

Most restaurants offer large amounts of salt and fat-laden foods. To keep away from over-eating, ask for a tray when you have your meal and save half for the next day. This way, you will not be tempted to eat more than you want or need.

Ask your server how to prepare foods and choose from the menu items baked, grilled, roasted, dried, boiled or steamed. Also, do not forget to order sauces or spicy sauces next to food as well as vegetables or fruit as side options instead of fried potatoes.

Exercise Full Mental Vigilance While Eating

Full mental alertness is a form of meditation that involves a deliberate focus on the present – what you feel or feel at the moment, even when you eat.

Exercising full mental alertness during eating allows you to slow down and eat food, which can prevent over-eating. How so? It takes up to 20 minutes for the brain to score chemicals that tell you that you are no longer hungry. Slow down your brain helps to keep your sense of fullness up to speed.

Before you eat, think about the food you are about to eat as a fuel for your body. Remind yourself that you want to feel full, not bulky.

Pay Attention to the Calorie Rate

Your daily caloric intake should not only be done in the case of a diet, but you should monitor your calories regularly and do not exceed the amounts your body needs daily.

Reduce Eating Speed

It takes the brain a little time to recognize the sense of satiety. So when you eat meals quickly feel fullness and we have taken large amounts of without feeling, on the contrary when eating meals slowly feel full quickly.

Exchange of Meals

If you know that at dinner you will eat a very heavy meal, you should reduce the meal in the lunch so you can balance daily calories.

Reduce the Size of the Dish in the Meals

If you replace your dish with a smaller dish, you will not notice the difference in satiety or in the amount of food, and you will notice tremendous results in maintaining weight.

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