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Healthcare System and Health Services

Primary health services are the first points of contact within the healthcare system. A few would say this is acting as the Front Door’ of the NHS. This includes general practitioners. A service that meets Anna’s needs is a general practitioner. Anna can go to her local service in Tenham, Dr Kumar’s Surgery. One thing Dr Kumar can do to support Anna is: diagnose her with her type one diabetes and prescribe her certain medication like insulin pens. Insulin pens are a type of syringe that inserts insulin into the pancreas.

This will make Anna feel back to a normal state. This will be meeting her health needs, this is because it will be keeping her healthy and she will not gain any conditions such as blindness due to lack of taking medication for her condition, diabetes.

Another thing that Dr Kumar might do is he may recommend seeing a nutritionist; this is so it can change her diet.

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Anna is diabetic, so she’ll need to eat and assess her meals carefully so she stays at a safe level of her blood glucose levels. This meets the health needs because the general practitioner will do their best to make sure Anna has a fit and healthy life. This may make Anna feel reassured that people are there to help her. This will be meeting her emotional needs.

A service that meets Elsa’s needs is a general practitioner. Dr Kumar will refer Elsa to a dermatologist. This will make Elsa feel relieved that she is being looked after.

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This would also help support her anxiety and make her feel included. Elsa seems to have acne which can cause her pain at times. If the pain ever got to an excruciating point, Dr Kumar may decide to advise her to take and possibly prescribe her anti-inflammatory pain relief such as ibuprofen. If there is no result in healing from this, Dr Kumar may refer her to a dermatologist to help with her acne. Also, If her teeth were for any reason, causing her pain in the oral cavity, her general practitioner can prescribe her certain treatments that relieve or possibly aid the healing process for the origin of the pain.

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