Healthcare Organization Essay

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Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organizations are now stepping up their strategies in improving their programs and systems. Business and marketing are collaborated to boost resources which are expected to serve as a benefit to their clients. Considering the fact that HCOs consist of social factors and societal influences, it is vital for healthcare practitioners and most importantly the management to build a stronger foundation and forecast plan for their courses of action.

The advent of technology and the tight competition in the market may apparently positively of negatively impact HCOs. Hence, given the appropriate concepts and strategies armed with proper implementation of designed concepts, any HCO is most likely to survive (Longman, 2005). Simple concepts and theories of marketing and organizational behavior will help HCOs in circumstances like risk management, conflicts, human resources and other forms of the like. Analysis Communication is one of the most important fields in any organization.

Given the fact that an organization is composed of individuals with varied characteristics and personalities, it is vital for these beings to have a common channel that will serve as a bridge in closing deals and team participations. Technology is perhaps the focal element in creating a robust and efficient means for communication (Mascarenhas, 1995). HCO may take advantage of this communication-related improvement by acquiring the most updated and most effective tools in running the organization.

The most recent sparks of idea which proved to be of great help to healthcare practitioners are e-Prescription and e-Documentation. It paved a way for HCO to make their services become more available not only to clients within their vicinity but globally. Through the help of the internet, they are able to endorse their products and their services with just a click away. E-Documentation has helped every HCO evidently because it helped in the documentation of patient records and made these files available in a secure database which enabled patients to track their health-related records hassle-free.

These developments in communication have even made HCOs all over the world collaborate and communicate efficiently and more rapidly. Earning them the all the time that they need to conduct business. As for the case of the Veterans Health Administration, the entity is fortunate enough to receive help from the state. Even though the benefits that the latter receives continue to be criticized, their organizational, planning and marketing strategy proves to be surfacing in high grounds. They see to it that their programs are not only available and accessible to a popular few but for those who are qualified for their services.

Thus, they would need a little improvement with regard to how they generate resources for their facilities. Especially since they are dealing with a continuum of patients that will grow each year, they should employ updated amenities and hear the concerns of their clients. They should make their managerial actions transparent to the public and employ activities that will drive investors to donate for their cause.

Conclusions and further remarks Having technology commence in a swift sense is an opportunity for healthcare organizations to make the most out of their capacities. Citing the problem on VHA, they lack in communication efficiency which in essence should be improved so as to keep their clients’ trust on their ability in healthcare. Healthcare organizations even so need to integrate organizational strategies especially since they are deal with the society (Karlawish, Fox, & Pearlman, 2002). Financial stability is also important which is why they should learn how to implement economy-inclined policies and strategies for their philanthropically tending organization.

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