Healthcare in Vietnamese Culture

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Upon receiving the topic “Vietnamese,” for my culture paper assignment I had no idea what it was nor have I ever even heard of it, but doing my research I’ve discovered a lot pertaining to this culture and its beliefs pertaining to healthcare .Vietnamese was bought about in 1975 when the Vietnam war ended.

Vietnamese is a culture of Vietnam mixed with many different influences including the Chinese, French, the Americans and Russians. Vietnam is located in Southeastern Asia. The religion in Vietnam include is Buddhist, Confucianism, Christianity, and Cao-Dai, and Taoism.

The language used is, the Latin alphabet introduce by the French colonizers. Every word has one symbol and its meaning and pronunciation is based on the tone. Vietnamese is spoken in many dialects and there are other minority languages as well. Marriage plays a vital role in the Vietnamese culture. In the past most marriages were arranged by parents. The groom and bride met on the day of the marriage.

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Today men and women are able to meet and fall in love without any type of arrangements. When it comes to death and funerals, the funeral must be perfectly organized. The funeral consists of several steps. First after the person dies, they are kept at home for worship and prayer. Next, they bury the body and open the grave for worship 3 days after the person’s death. Lastly, the funeral is over rice is brought to the family alter for 49 days; they end tears after 100 days and commemorates the 1st anniversary of the death, which is the ending of the mourning festival.

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Vietnamese value family, reputation, love of learning and respect for others.

Aspects of healthcare vary in many different cultures. The Traditional aspect of Vietnamese is that they considered Chinese medications instead of Western medications. Vietnamese value their family so their serious illnesses are kept amongst the family and no one else. Women of this culture may not seek a male healthcare provider because they are hesitant. This culture believes that suffering is destined, and it will occur whether you are healthy or not. Vietnamese do not believe in counseling as a method of treatment. When dealing with the traditional aspects of this culture, the healthcare provider should respect their wishes. The health care provider should always remember to accommodate the cultural beliefs of these patients and make sure the patient understands what they are saying. This is important to remember because if the patient has a clear understanding of what is going on with them they are more likely to be compliant.

Demographics of my culture are recognized different in the United States. There were a large number of immigrants that migrated to the U.S. at the end of the Vietnam War. In 2016, the Census Bureau estimated the population of Vietnamese Americans was 2,067,527. California has the biggest Vietnamese population and Texas has the second largest Vietnamese population. Currently, Vietnamese is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the U.S. The Vietnamese Americans are the 4th largest Asian American community next to Filipino, Chinese, and Asian Indian Americans. In 2015, 14.3% of Vietnamese Americans lived under poverty. When Vietnamese first came to America, they started at the bottom, living in bad neighborhoods, and barely having jobs. Now they are in the middle-class and are well developed in society today.

There are several barriers to obtaining healthcare that affect Vietnamese. Some of them lack information about healthcare and the healthcare systems in America. If the patient has an understanding of their illness, they are more likely to do their part in managing the illness. Most of Vietnamese speak a different language. This barrier will make it very difficult for the patient and the healthcare provider to communicate. A lot of Vietnamese may not be familiar with the different hospitals, clinics, or agencies. This could cause a problem for these patients because if they are not familiar with the agencies they are more than likely not to go. Transportation is another barrier to obtaining healthcare. Older Vietnamese women do not drive and are unaccustomed with public transportation. In an emergency situation when they are unable to arrive at a hospital or healthcare setting in an appropriate time can be life threatening.

Even though as a healthcare providers or nurses we should treat the patient with the same respect as any other patient there are ways that the Vietnamese religion might impact communication issues with a healthcare provider. We have to remember that each person has the right to determine when to seek treatment and what type of treatment they’d prefer. As with this religion they would want the same gender healthcare provider, and they want their family members assisting in the treatment instead of an interpreter.

As I researched my information for the assignment it became very interesting. I learned new things about a religion that was new to me and I also learned that this information would help me in the nurse care setting when having to care for individuals of this particular region.

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