Healthcare Advertising and Marketing


Healthcare advertising is challenging from the client and provides the perspective of selling client’s products and services. It more competitive over the marketing process to achieve business goals and objectives. It’s a great possibility by uses the marketing mix around product, price, place, and promotion. Since healthcare marketing needs improvement, the five Cs required experiences of changing demographic and care team’s behavior to promote health care This paper will explore the approach to communicate with consumers including marketing promotion, advertising strategies, and healthcare behaviors services.

Care Team marketing promotion

It’s critical to understand the healthcare business and the transition to the marketing communication strategy to target with the audience. To start with, the product development team realized the expanding marketing promotion of growth, maturity, and decline. According to the Journal of Nursing Administration, leaders and nurses make an effective decision to delivering safe and cost-effective care to seniors who are no longer live independently. They having trouble finding a solution on how to arrange the care teams to help nurse workload and developing a growth mindset to succeed.

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These decisions discuss the trade-offs supporting staff with the experience to take care of individuals in the unit’s nurse-to-patient care. The increasing of patients admitted cause problems but, its decline or fail due to the cost of nurses staffing or the care team. As a result, maturity leaders target marketing budget to support the care team. They also fill the gap by collecting more nurses for the best-performance database approaches and deal the trade-offs with the staffing salary decision (Journal of Nursing Administration, 2014).

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Advertising Strategies

The marketing strategies ideas and comprehensive approaches use to achieve the business goal and tactics action. According to Journal of Nursing Administration, management creates a goal of great innovative retention strategies to help the shortage of nurses due to the turnover and lack of skills. An additional way of targeting nurses is to continuing preparing education, create incentive programs and training sessions for the staff to improve the experience (2014). In the same way, health marketing continues to target audience demographic care from experienced providers and practice including website, social media pages, and patient engagement. This innovative approach opens effective communication and delivering health messages to stay ahead of the changing marketplace. Also, they used the value exchange advertising to put people in control of their ad experiences and time to adverting message exchange or interaction (Gateway to health communication, 2011).

Nursing Behavior in Healthcare

As Roach (1993) revised the 5 Cs, she realized the benefit of healthcare professions in the workplace. The conception review of nurse’s relationship, passion, caring patients and increased like hood function in the fundamental role as follow: Commitment: ‘Healthcare professionals must deliver excellent care for patients. Also, require continuing education, life-long learning, and becoming more skilled to gain a higher level of professionalism.’ Conscience: ‘Using of moral, ethical and legal decision-making that directs to the standards of professional nursing practice. It also a sense of accountability, responsibility, and leadership for patient care.’ Competence: ‘Using of evidence-based and human knowledge of the nurse’s role in the health care to delivery systems of the hospital and the community.’ Compassion: ‘It is an essential component of the nurse-patient relationship. With compassion, one becomes a college of humanity.’

Confidence: ‘It is the ability to build trust to care for others and also confidence empowers us to achieve goals and develop knowledge and experience.’ With the result of conception, health professional needs to understanding the whole system’s behavior and trade policies of power, money, and resources that affect demographic working conditions and behaviors outcome more effectively.

Conclusion Therefore, the advertising and deconstruction approach the relationship between product and customers inspired the audience to take action in marketing, advertising, and healthcare behaviors. The healthcare organization must provide excellent services for marketing advertising. Leadership and healthcare professionals continue to develop education and training by starts with five Cs; to increase the knowledge in the fundamental role and managing the marketing care team to promote healthcare services.


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