Healthcare Essay Topics

Roche Products Ltd: At the Forefront UK’s Healthcare

A leading healthcare company with a spectrum of solutions, Roche Holding (Roche) is a global life sciences company based in Basel, Switzerland. With more than 140 subsidiaries worldwide, Roche Holding has already attained a global prominence in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals arena. For more than 100 years, the company has been active in the discovery,… View Article

Public Health System

Health policy and entire health care system in both the USA and Great Britain create a core for national quality standards. Dealing with health as a key condition for local and global human activity representatives of medical spheres in these two countries on opposite sides of the ocean have long-term experience which differs greatly in… View Article

Ethics In Health Care

Because there are not enough organs available for everyone, some system for allocating scarce resources is needed. Currently there is no one method used to decide who should get an available organ first. The decision making procedure is sometimes called distributive justice theory [1] which states that there is not one “right” way to distribute… View Article

The impact of increased life expectancy on community health, locally and nationally

There is constantly a rise in the life expectancy in the US, due to the improved healthcare system. New diagnostic interventions, treatment techniques, incorporation of preventive strategies, and drugs have enabled to increase the quantity of life. Deaths from several diseases including cardiovascular, cancer, etc, continue to decrease. In the year 2003, the life-expectancy of… View Article

The Law of Healthcare Administration

1) Compare and contrast the Stark Self-Referral Laws and the Anti-Kickback Statute.  Both the Stark Self-Referral Laws and the Anti-Kickback Statute were enacted to prevent healthcare providers from improperly benefiting from their referrals.  The Stark Self-Referral Laws are three separate provisions which govern physician self-referral for Medicaid and Medicare patients. The Stark Law states in… View Article

The Spread of HIV/AIDS

The objective of this paper is to show how the nation can use preventive measures   to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and lower the impact of   the disease on children, young people, adolescents and women. Prevention of this disease can only be achieved through screening, counseling and providing those infected in the community with… View Article

Does the No Child Left Behind Act Meets its Objectives?

Introduction to the Study Signed into law by President George W. Bush last January 8, 2002, the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ or ‘NCLB act’ has been the latest and is considered as the most momentous and major initiative in the Federal education policy. It is a revision of the former ‘Elementary and Secondary Education… View Article

National Health Service in the United Kingdom

The National Health Service (NHS) was formed in the UK on July 5 1949. Its formation was part of the nationalization drive that epitomized post World War II UK which witnessed the establishment of the welfare state and the drive towards production of goods and services for public use instead of profit for private investors… View Article

The new idea of plastic insulin bottle

Question: This is for my industrial design class. We have no lecture for this class at all. We just have submitted a project at the end of the semester. I came up with this idea because one day I broke my insulin bottle (I have diabetes).  So I have a new idea of plastic insulin… View Article

Healthcare Issues in America

Some of the healthcare issues that share the limelight with politicians nowadays are the skyrocketing cost of drugs, health insurance system, the ever growing cost of hospitalization fees and the low coverage of insurance for malpractices for doctors. Debates and plans have been made so as to improve the quality of service to the people…. View Article

The Principle of Autonomy in Health Care

The principle of autonomy has been and remains to be one of the most frequently used principles when doing a biomedical ethical decision. It is true that Beauchamp and Childress cited four principles namely, autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-malenficence, and stated that these four principles are on equal footing in process of ethical justification. Nevertheless,… View Article

The Road to a Healthy Personality

The road to a healthy personality is like a road itself.  It has many curves and blind corners.  Ones ability to adapt to this constantly changing road is one of the most important components of a healthy personality.  That is, the ability to adapt to a changing world.  Another important component is the ability to… View Article

Anger Management in the Health Care Workplace

Health professionals carry out stressful activities on a daily basis. Nurses, doctors, and health workers’ environments involve a multitude of tasks, all to be done with amidst the stress of time, communicating with patients, and dealing with life and death situations. Besides individuals, health care work involves effectively integrating with the health organization, community expectations… View Article

The Transition From Disease Prevention To Health Promotion

               Living a healthy lifestyle is the current trend in the United States.  Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and abstaining from behaviors that can be detrimental to our health is promoted everywhere we go.  Still, the statistics for the leading causes of death in the U.S. are shocking.  Especially when we realize that there are steps… View Article

The Use of PDA’s in Health Care

Knowledge management in health care refers to the organization of and easy access to important know-how, whenever and wherever it is required (Pasupathy, 2006).  And, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) seems to be doing a perfect job of helping health care organizations and medical professionals manage knowledge in the palm of their hands.  No wonder,… View Article

The US Health care system: Best or just the most expensive

 The US is one of the developed countries that do not offer universal health care. It applies the ‘out of pocket’ approach in the funding of health care services. As Bernard in Making Sense of Political Ideology: The Power of Language in Democracy notes the government only provides health care to the elderly, disabled, children… View Article

Health Care Problem In The United States

Among the developed countries, the United States has the most expensive healthcare system, spending about 16% of the country’s gross domestic product and a per capita cost of $5300 in 2002. Despite these huge expenditures, 15% of the American population has no health insurance. Moreover, since the US health care programs are comprised of mixed… View Article

Improving Health and Wellness in Students

Rising consumerism is a problem that has a profound effect on children today.  Children and adults watch television and are inundated with commercials that urge viewers to buy the latest technological gadgets that replace outdoor activities and exercise.  As well, the latest candy, ice cream, and other unhealthy products are cast in between cartoons that… View Article

The perception of Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Healthcare System

                                          Introduction Public health in America has benefited from various innovations and advanced medical technology. However, these developments do not serve all Americans. Even in modern times disparities exist between whites and minorities in terms of health care. For instance the rate due to heart disease and stokes were higher for African Americans than for… View Article

Problems Facing United States Today

It is now year 2008, and after Bush administration’s destructive decisions to humanity, America is now facing tremendous problems at home and abroad.             I consider moral standard as the problem which should be taken most seriously. Why? Because it has been in question since the Bush administration declared war against Iraq and violated not… View Article

Too Much Medication

One Source Cited: On 9 February 2007 The Boston Globe presented an obvious example of partiality in its presentation of an overdose of psychotropic drugs; leading to the death of 4-year-old Rebecca Riley. Consequently, this sparked debates about whether health officials should press urgently to establish the advantages of treating children with psychotropic drugs, and… View Article

Total Renal Care

Background Total Renal Care was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Tenet Healthcare Corporation (formerly National Medical Enterprises). This subsidiary deals with end stage renal business or dialysis services business.  Total Renal Care went through many mergers and acquisitions between the years of 1995 and 1998. As a result of this growth strategy, the… View Article

Transportation for Paramedic Care

Introduction Healthcare studies focus mostly on discussions about treating patients in secure facilities (a hospital, patient’s home or other facilities). The discussions will then focuses on certain topics that concern certain health and safety factors and elaborate in details regarding the studies and enhancements made within that particular topic of discussions. Because of the importance… View Article

Two Reviews

Health Policy and Health Budget will Lock their Horns in the End There is a sharp contrast between the health policy and the ever-changing mechanism of budgeting regarding spending on healthcare. Accordingly, the priority list made by Congress doesn’t look aligned with the budget, especially if one checks at the process of discretionary spending and… View Article

Beta Blocker in Case of Heart Failure

Introduction : Beta-blockers, also known as beta antagonists, beta-adrenergic blocking agents, or beta-adrenergic antagonists, are drugs that are prescribed to treat several different types of conditions, including hypertension (high blood pressure), angina, some abnormal heart rhythms, heart attack (myocardial infarction), anxiety, migraine, glaucoma, and overactive thyroid symptoms. Beta-blockers block the action of the sympathetic nervous… View Article

Poverty, Education and Health Care

Abstract Poverty and education play an important role in access to health care. A low socioeconomic status influences the health of people. This paper provides a general overview of how poverty and education determines access to health care. It provides a description of the consequences of poverty and education on health care accessibility. Finally it… View Article

Position paper – Accreditation

Hello, This assignment is for a subject called: Quality Management for Health Services Assignment 2: Position paper – Accreditation Weighting: 20% Length: 1000 words “Accreditation programs for health services or facilities are not useful.” Discuss this statement with reference to specific accreditation programs. In your response substantiate your claims with reference to literature. The assignment… View Article

Politics of Health in America

The healthcare system in America is one of the hot button issues in this and every election because things are only getting worse, while not coming close to getting better. Rising healthcare costs are bringing brought on by huge hospitals that can charge as much as they want for service. Compounding the problem is the… View Article

Wonderful Health Benefits

As the world becomes aware of all the wonderful health benefits of malunggay plant, the next question for many is how to use malunggay or moringa. Fortunately, malunggay is very versatile because one can enjoy all its benefits in a variety of ways. One of the best ways to ensure that one’s body gets to… View Article

Protected Health Information

Question one             According to the US Privacy Rule, protected health information has a broad definition. This has the inclusion of specific health information which could be identifiable for the past, the future or even the present physical health, conditions, mental health, various approaches of providing healthcare to the individual, and the futuristic state, present… View Article