Health Essay Topics

Cultural Competence in Mental Health Treatment

Trimble’s chapter on “Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Competence” brings a number of questions to mind, the most important of which seems to be the following: ‘Are psychologists expected to know about all cultures or ethnicities in the United States today? ’ Multicultural course content is expected to enhance students’ understanding of different cultures before they… View Article

Blue Shield Health Insurance

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) serves independent local Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies as its trade association. The BCBSA is one of the nation’s oldest and biggest health benefits company, widely recognized in the health insurance industry, given its 800 strong employee strength, across 39 companies in Chicago and Washington D…. View Article

National Stepfamily Resource Center

The first step towards blending of a stepfamily is both parents taking a commitment to constantly work at their problems and not give up when the going gets tough. Both of them have to understand the complexity of the situation before getting into it, since children with sensitive minds are going to be involved in… View Article

Cross-Cultural Health Perspectives

Breastfeeding practices around the world are vastly different. There are countries who are active promoters of breastfeeding and others who seem to take the care less attitude. The diverse approaches to breastfeeding found between and within societies are largely based on cultural rather than individual differences. For the purposes of this paper, comparisons between Iran… View Article

Analytical Examination

This paper will analyze about the RA 10354 also called Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012. This essay will present a short history of the law here in the Philippines until it become enacted and implemented. This will discuss the major provisions of the law together with its important contents ranging from health… View Article

Pet peeves

If you’re a fitness freak like me or spend countless hours in the gym rather than your own home you know what goes on wants you step a foot in the gym. But at one point or another we’ve all seen nasty, irritating, and confusing behavior by others at a gym or reaction center. Like… View Article

Intermountain Healthcare

Continuous improvement in quality and productivity processes is essential for any business that wants to be profitable but more so for Health care organizations due to the constant changing nature of their practice. The philosophy of continuous improvement is captured in the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle proposed by W. Edwards Deming (Fitzsimmons et. Al. , 2013)…. View Article

Health Promotion and Nursing practice

Heath promotion as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2013) is “the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions. ” It is the intention of this writer to present health promotion in… View Article

Role of the nurse

According to the American Nurses Association the role of the professional nurse is held to a high standard. Nurses have a guideline of professionalism that is upheld to match the level of care given to each and every patient and held accountable for their actions towards clients and peers (Perry/Potter, 7). Nurses are expected to… View Article

Health promotion

Today people believe that they are all healthy. Later, when there are any variations in regard to their health condition, they got shocked. People are not foreseeing how their health affects in every aspect of everyone’s life. In this essay we will describe health promotion of health and its principle. Further it will explain the… View Article

Evolution of health care information system

In this paper, we will compare and contrast Skilled Nursing Facilities from 20 years ago to today. Skilled Nursing facilities of today are both similar and different from what they were like two decades ago. Similarities comprise of the organizational structure, including different departments, and the various roles within those departments. The roles of nurses,… View Article

A Research Presented to College of Information

Patient Monitoring System is not new in health care. The first primitive patient monitoring system started with the work done by Santorio in 1625 that was measuring of body temperature and blood pressure. The development of new technology after World War 2 and up to today has developed a vast amount of different types of… View Article

Maternal Nursing

A tool for assessment of health service systems to support maternal health and child health Health during early childhood and pregnancy has long term and wide ranging impacts on the general health of populations. Promotion of good health in pregnancy and childhood are therefore critical activities of primary health care services. Health service systems need… View Article

Maternal Health and Child Health Systems Assessment Tool

A tool for assessment of health service systems to support maternal health and child health Health during early childhood and pregnancy has long term and wide ranging impacts on the general health of populations. Promotion of good health in pregnancy and childhood are therefore critical activities of primary health care services. Health service systems need… View Article

Sociology of Health and Illness

The state of our health is very important to us, we spend a lot of time and money on trying to stay healthy, but what do we mean by “Health”? The world Health Organisation (WHO) describes health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being which is more than just the absence of… View Article

Ethical Legal Dilemma Advanced Practice Nursing Case Study II

Ethical Legal Dilemma Advanced Practice Nursing Case Study II Health insurance policies have set limits on what services will be paid for with a terminally ill person in the home and these limitations may conflict with the nurse’s obligation to provide care for the terminally ill patient (Fry, Veatch & Taylor, 2011). Speaking with the… View Article

Fat Tax

Imposing a fat tax on saturated fat, junk foods, sodas, etc. would be best because of many health and money related issues that it could possibly solve. A fat tax could help control many health problems the United States is facing today by giving some incentive to buy healthier foods. Taxing these certain foods may… View Article

Electronic Health Record

Computer technology continues to make rapid advances in healthcare facilities. Many healthcare facilities have used computer programs for administrative functions such as payroll and billing. Electronic health record (EHR) systems have the potential to transform the health care system from a mostly paper-based industry to one that utilizes clinical and other pieces of information to… View Article

Health Care in United States

The United States, as a leading developed country, is very attractive to many foreigners. Everyone dreams of coming to the United Sates to study or work. However, they are concerned about their health care while stay in the United States. The health care system in the United States is problematic. It is so extensive and… View Article

Health care in the United States

Obamacare is a federal statute that represents the most significant government expansion and regulatory overhaul of the United States healthcare system. Obamacare will increase healthcare costs tremendously. A positive to it is that it will provide over thirty million uninsured Americans with healthcare. Obamacare will affect businesses, especially small businesses by cutting their hours and… View Article

Healthcare Managers Use of IT: The Ethical Dilemma

Ethics is the principles and assumptions of right and wrong that individuals use to make choices and informed decisions. These principles guide behaviors by setting out what is deemed right or wrong. There are ethical issues in all aspects of the human endeavor as well as in all subject matters because wherever we find ourselves,… View Article

Vending machine debate

Vending machines in schools……………….Debate Overview- The struggle to keep kids healthy has taken center stage in schools across the country. Many schools are taking a hard look at their school lunch programs and vending machines. They are trying to cut back on unnecessary fat and calories and to add more healthful ingredients instead. Point Thesis-… View Article

Concepts of Health Promotion

Health is defined as a state in which human needs are met in an autonomic way, and is not limited to the absence of disease or disablement (V. Henderson). Optimal health is a lively, self-motivated equilibrium of physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social well-being. The concept of health promotion delineates the method of empowering people… View Article

What you eat is your business

It seems that obesity will always be a problem with no solution. For once it would be merely impossible to find a solution that everyone likes or even one that the majority will support. There are different points of view in which someone could try to figure something out to at least help with the… View Article

Apa outline

This course introduces students to the world of human nutrition. Students examine the components included in a healthy, balanced diet and develop strategies to meet their changing nutritional needs throughout the various stages of life. Specific topics for the course include the digestion process, functions and health benefits of specific nutrients, weight management and fitness,… View Article

The effect of media on nursing

The media, and Hollywood in particular, is one avenue in which the general public becomes familiar with the role of nurses. How does the media positively or negatively influence the public’s image of nursing? What other avenues may better educate the general public on the role and scope of nursing as well as the changing… View Article

Health Care Policy

The goal of the Health Care Policy is to provide medical access to every American. A policy that that can ensure a citizen to purchase medical insurance according to their level of income, the government will standardized and regulate insurance companies’ premium rates. This policy can be very beneficial for Americans that live below the… View Article

Research proposal

College students are among a significant population who experience extremely high levels of stress. According to the CDC one out of five college students have reported being stressed (CDC, 2012). The pressures of being a successful student and maintaining good grades along with juggling work, extracurricular activities, and a social life, are all factors that… View Article

Baccalaureate Nurses vs. Associate Nurses

Is having a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing (BSN) better than an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)? Why should nurses get a BSN? Many nurses ask themselves these questions. Hospitals are pushing for nurses to advance their education. If there is an ADN nurse and BSN nurse applying for the same position most likely the BSN… View Article