Health Essay Topics

The Impact Of Social Policies On Wellness

The continual interdependence of states in global economic relations has necessitated debates on environmental, health and social related issues, making adoption and executions of policies the remedy for the various shortcomings in various sectors. Since policies are at the core of addressing major issues, the efficiency of health policies are affected by poverty, level of… View Article

Health as a human right

The observed recent advancement in preventive, primary health care, early intervention programs, coordinated health care trials in Australia as well a the population health developments have tried to explore the possibility of changing the current emphasis of health care from the responsive acute care to the more integrated system where the entire whole population is… View Article

Health Disadvantages Indigenous Australians

Socioeconomic factors are associated with education, employment, and income, and each, has a substantial influence on the health of Indigenous Australians. Education, which is inaccessible for many Indigenous people, allows for the greater knowledge of health issues, and the increased understanding of both protective behaviors and risk factors. It is a known fact that with… View Article

Health Promotion Model

The Health Promotion Model (HPM), designed by Nola J. Pender, describes the multidimensional nature of persons as they interact within their environment to pursue health while increasing their level of well-being. Pender offers a theory that places importance on behaviors that improve health through a lifetime. The HPM offers insight into how influencing factors experienced… View Article

Sanitation and Public Health

Improving quality sanitation is a world-wide desire as it will; Improve human health, Generate economic benefits, Contribute to human dignity and social development, Sustain the environment, Minimize and reduce poverty. Recognizing the impact of sanitation on public health, poverty, economic and social development and the environment, the UN General Assembly put the spotlight on the… View Article

Health Conscious Consumer

“Health means wealth”, once an adage has now become a motto of the major food processing companies in India. And this motto is not a far-fetched perception of the current consumer needs in the Indian foods and beverages market. The Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG), a management consulting firm has estimated the current worth of… View Article

Life Resource Center Scavenger Hunt

Questions 1. What are the three ways that students may receive counseling services through the LRC? 2. What heading are the Health Tools and Health Challenges found under? 3. Where is the Assess Your Health tool located? 4. What are the five categories on the Live Healthy Page? 5. Where can resources and articles about… View Article

Communication and Crisis

My name is Rosa Singleton. I am the director of the Emergency Management Office in the area of Ohio. Today we have received official reports that the public water supplies for the city of Canton and other nearby cities have become contaminated with a life-threatening biological agent. It is the duty of my staff to… View Article

Caring for Cooper City

There are many factors affecting the health of this community. I believe lack of health education and access to health care are the primary problems. The problems of pinworms and anemia are most preventable with hygiene education and nutritional education. The high premature births and neonatal death rate can be addressed with pre-natal education and… View Article

Theories of Health Promotion

The following essay is a comparative analysis of two theories of health promotion, one which is a theory of and the other a theory for health promotion. Beattie’s model will be used as theory of and transtheoritical stages of change model as a theory for health promotion. An example from area of work practice will… View Article

Health and Safety Policy

General statement of policy This policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and equipment for all our employees, and a safe environment for all children to learn and develop in. We wish to develop and promote a strong health and safety provision within the nursery for the benefit of all staff,… View Article

Family Health Assessment

Conducting a family health assessment utilizing a functional health patterns assessment is the first step in the nursing process to create health care plans for the individual or family. A thorough assessment lays the groundwork to promote family health. (Mandle, 2010, p. 175)The purpose of this paper is to look at one families view of… View Article


I do agree with this week’s speaker Sarah Lightheart one-hundred percent; I think that health is so hard to define because of the fact, there are so many different aspects of health. Health is not just eating right, exercising, and being social every now and again. There are six different dimensions of health that need… View Article

Personal Health Assessment

Overall, there are six dimensions of health that can be examined to determine if a person is healthy and fit or to see what area in his or her life needs improvement. This includes physical, psychological, spiritual, social, intellectual, and environmental dimensions. “When all of the six dimensions are at high levels and in balance,… View Article

Program Design and Narrative

To achieve the objectives for our Healthy Pomona Kids Partnership program, the city of Pomona will utilize the methods outlined below. These methods have been proven effective by the Healthy RC Kids Partnership for the city of Rancho Cucamonga, where their client population is Latino. Representatives from this organization assisted in the development of this… View Article