Health Essay Topics

Promoting Healthy Habits

During the last decades, the increase of obesity and eating disorders has tripled among young children. Therefore the topic of our assignment is how to promote healthy eating in children and centres. During our work term internship we noticed that the meals offered were not healthy food. The issue regarding healthy and nutrition in child… View Article

Preliminary PDHPE Assignment

1) Recount the story of the individual in relation to how the adversity they faced as affected their health status. The individual who I decided to research is now well known for her job hosting the Biggest Loser, Hayley Lewis. At 15 years old Hayley Lewis had won 5 Gold medals at the 1990 Commonwealth… View Article

Compare Historical and Current Features of Public Health

This essay will compare the 19th, 20th and 21st century in relation to the main public health strategies used in United Kingdom. It will also compare the similarities and differences of the living conditions in towns and cities between the three named centuries above. In comparing the differences between 19th, 20th and 21st century, the… View Article

Improve Maternal Health

The World Health Organization defines maternal health as “the health condition of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period that needs to be safeguarded to prevent death” (http://www. who. int/topics/maternal_health/en/). Improving maternal health is one of the concerns of the Millennium Development Goals with focus on reducing maternal mortality and achieving universal access to… View Article

Human Health

Health in human beings includes physical, social and psychological well being or fitness. Changing weather patterns, for instance, extreme events affects human health directly or indirectly through changes in air, food quality and quantity, ecosystem agriculture, livelihood and infrastructure. Research on effects of climate change Confalonieri et al provided evidence climate change has; altered distribution… View Article

Health Development in Africa

Throughout the world there is a growing concern about health as it is regarded as an essential part of the sustainable human development efforts. The growing importance of the health of the population is being highlighted in the economic circles, the foreign policy and the socio cultural settings. During the last 25 years, there has… View Article

Housing and Habitability

Question 1: You are an environmental health inspector asked investigate problems at a local low-income and poorly main apartment complex. There is lead-based paint peeling from the walls, and mold growing on the walls. Living in a room that has lead-based paint peeling from the walls and mold growing on the walls has certain health… View Article

Healthy Life Style

Everyone wants a nice healthy lifestyle, and everyone wants to be fit. Being fit and healthy is very important. Being healthy is the key to lead a happy life. People who are fit, stay fit even when they get old. Living a healthy lifestyle is not too hard, and it pays off. A healthy life… View Article

Should Models Have a Minimum Weight Limit

When we have a job that we love, we want to keep it no matter what. That’s understandable, but we have to be careful how far we actually go in order to keep it. There are things much more important than any job in the world like our health. Even for those who’s jobs, looks… View Article

Healthy Lifestyle Among Teenagers

* Definition of Healthy Lifestyle (2011): healthy lifestyle will make you fit, energetic, and reduced risk for disease. * The way to stay healthy and long comfortable life are by doing a lot of exercise, eat healthy food and get enough sleep Body The way to stay healthy and long comfortable life is do a… View Article

Medical Pluralism

Despite being very different countries, Africa and Australia share a phenomenon termed medical pluralism. This form of health care is indeed pluralistic as it “consists of the totality of medical subsystems that coexist in a cooperative or competitive relationship with one another” (Baer 2004, p. 109). Although medical pluralism is not recent by any means,… View Article

Explain the Principal Sociological Perspectives

The functionalist approach in regard to health and ill health came from Talcott Parsons. Talcott Parsons urged that people must be health for the society to function well. He continued to verify that illness is a form of unaccepted behaviour and people who are ill play the sick role. Moreover, his approach towards these members… View Article

Health and social care

We are now living in an ageing society and so health and social care will play a part throughout our life course in one way or another. I shall start the main body of my assignment by providing an explanation of what is meant by the life course. I will then move onto my experiences… View Article

Common College Diseases

College students are young, lively and generally healthy individuals, but just like any population, they are prone tocertain health problems. Not only do college students have some of the worst eating, exercising and sleeping habits,they also have to deal with stress from school, relationships and job hunting that takes a major toll on their health.Here… View Article

Nutrition and Fit

In my composition, I am going to describe some advantages why, we should keep fit. In my opinion is that be fit has not got disadvantages. I am also going to describe what we should do when we want to keep fit and also what we should not do when we want to keep fit…. View Article

Health coach

Being a health coach for gamescape these past 5 weeks has really helped me reach a better understanding of health and wellness. Having a team with such different backgrounds and very different in their whole aspect of health and wellness was a challenge at times but that is what made me understand health and wellness… View Article


To make sure effective implementation of university’s health and safety policy and codes of safe working practices, Deans and Directors are responsible to the Vice Chancellor for managing the health and safety department. In order to achieve this they will have to ensure effective monitoring of health and safety issues to upraise the health and… View Article

Exercise Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

A good diet and sufficient rest are important to sustain a healthy lifestyle but are not the only things to consider. When performed properly, exercising provides countless benefits that can further improve your quality of life. Regular exercise is an essential part of efficient weight loss and weight management. Exercising can also help thwart several… View Article

Health vs Happiness

Picture this: you are hungry, busy, and don’t really feel like cooking or cleaning. So you dash to the nearest fast food joint and order a fat, juicy burger with some fries and a soda to wash it down. Once in a while this may be okay, but if you find yourself taking this easy… View Article

Social Policy – Diabetes

Examine a contemporary social issue (which may or may not have been covered during the module) paying particular attention as to why this issue has become problematic and for whom. Also, consider what should be done about your chosen issue and any role that nursing/social work might have in dealing with it. A social issue… View Article

How to Be Healthy

Specific Purpose: “To inform my audience about how to eat healthy.” Central Idea: In this speech, I’ll be explaining why it is important to eat healthy, and give tips on what to do to initiate healthier eating habits. Introduction: Attention Getter: How many of you want to be healthy? Credibility Material: My mom is a… View Article

Managing the Work Environment

The job of managing the work environment is a very important one. Human resources managers must consider several things when maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. There are many laws that regulate things that impact an employee’s safety, health, and happiness. But more than that, an organization should provide things concerning safety, comfort, and… View Article

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act)

The HIPAA is divided into two sections. Section one seeks to protect the right to continued health insurance cover for employees and their family members in the event of losing their job or shifting to another job (U. S. Department of Labor, 2010). This section also dictates limitations to group health plan benefits, which can… View Article

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA got enacted in the year 1996 by U. S Congress. The first title of HIPAA offers protection to the workers as well as the families when they decide to change their jobs or incase they lose jobs. The second title of HIPAA which is also known… View Article

Heritage and Health

With cultural differences evident among the human population in the world today, it could be noticed that the different approaches also differ from one culture to another. Having the knowledge that people are usually shaped in life through the traditions that they were particularly brought up with, some definitely use these traditional ways of health… View Article

Heritage Assessment

In all aspects, the background of any medical practitioner determines the overall attitude, aptitudes and performance of the practitioner. This paper seeks to identify this correlation with due reference to Culture Care Guide to Heritage Assessment by Spector (2009). The guide ardently utilizes the tools inherent in the guide in developing basic nursing principles within… View Article

Herbal supplements

A survey conducted in the United States in 2002 revealed that approximately 38 million people were using herbal and dietary supplements, citing them as important for their health, yet only about one third of them had reported the usage of these herbal products to a qualified medical practitioner. Estimates from other reports suggested that approximately… View Article