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Essay on Health Wellness And Sanitation

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Senior Citizens and Their Health

The aneurysm was successfully treated by surgery, but both the aneurysm and the emergency treatment caused permanent damage. Florence spent the next six months in a comma. The prognosis was not good, and the doctors offered the family little hope for her recovery. Florence defied the odds. Two years later, shortly after her return from a holiday to Mexico, Florence informed a gathering of friends ...

Citrus Peels as Insect Repellent

The researchers chose this study to help the environment and people to make ways in recycling these peels instead of throwing it into the trash bin. This can be used in the gardens or in the houses that are affected by insects also in other places. The researchers wanted to prove that this insect repellent is more useful and safer than the commercial insect repellents. The people have an advantage...

Poor Sanitation

Of the 2.4 billion people who live without access to safe sanitation, more than three quarters (1.9 billion) live in Asia and in many areas open defecation is still common practice. In Latin America and the Caribbean (LA&C), sanitation coverage was estimated at 78% in the year 2000, but there are notable disparities between urban and rural areas and a very low percentage of sewage is treated b...

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The World Health Organization - Sanitation Definition

Environmental sanitation - the control of environmental factors that form links in disease transmission. Subsets of this category are solid waste management, water and wastewater treatment,industrial waste treatment and noise and pollution control. * Ecological sanitation - an approach that tries to emulate nature through the recycling of nutrients and water from human and animal wastes in a hygie...

Health and Effects of Hair Relaxers

The broken salt bonds are reformed by use of neutralizers (acids) which normalizes the hair pH. Disulphide bonds are also reformed following application of neutralizers but their position changes so that they hold hair in the new straight shape. The neutralizer also re-hardens hair. From the discussion above, it is clear that the hair relaxers targets the protein components of hair and it does thi...

Pros And Cons Of Pay For Performance

Another disadvantage is that employees may be inclined to perform work in which is gauged in consistency with their performance appraisal leaving the less rewarded jobs conditions unattended yet they are all equality important for the well being of patients (Young, & Conrad, 2007). Some of the pay for performance programs does not meet the intended purpose because not all employees are motivat...

Health Is The Most Important Part Of Life

We hope to gain a competitive advantage with this pricing strategy as clients are not required to pay any huge fee to the agency. They will be allowed to deal with the various agencies involved in their treatment, with our help in facilitating the right price. The multi-faceted source of our revenues means that no single individual is overcharged, yet our services are adequately paid for. Sales Es...

Aerobic vs Anaerobic

Fortunately, we do not need sophisticated equipment to detect when we transition from aerobic to anaerobic exercise. As we approach and pass our metabolic threshold intensity, we start to breath harder, we are forced to really concentration on the exercise/activity, and exercise simply becomes uncomfortable. However, if you simply love gadgets, you can use a heart rate monitor to record the heart ...

An Isokinetic exercise

It is not suitable to use when the muscle are very weak or the soft tissue is still in the early stages of the healing process. As the equipment only exert constant external resistance maximally on the muscle on one point in the range of motion. In addition, the increase of resistance only depends on the manufacture's increment of resistance. Other than that, the equipment is expensive and highly ...

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