Health, Safety or Security Concerns Arising from a Specific Incident or Emergency Essay

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Health, Safety or Security Concerns Arising from a Specific Incident or Emergency

The main concern that may arise when dealing with abuse is communication. This becomes a major concern as if a student’s has a hearing or speech impairment, it can mean that they may not be able to communicate how they feel about the subject, or express it correctly. In my poster I minimised this barrier by suggesting suitable responses to the situation. Ensure that staff talk to the student in a place where they feel comfortable. Staff should use good listening skills and write down appropriate notes to hand on to relevant people.

After ensure that staff members go to their child protection officers to deal with the situation properly. This is important so that they can take appropriate steps to ensure the child is safe and the situation is dealt with correctly. The second concern that may arise when dealing with abuse is that the student may not tell staff members how they feel as they might feel scared if something happens if they tell- losing the dependency on an abusing carer especially if this is a key person the student communicate with. This could become a risk when working with any of my students that have a disability.

I minimised this by on my poster giving staff advice on how to approach this. When talking to students its important that you make them feel comfortable and build a trusting relationship, there’s a better chance of them opening up their true feelings. However this may not be the case as the student may have learnt from their care or wider experience to just be compliant and live with it. The final concern that may arise when dealing with suspected abuse is the way the staff deals with it. They may have a lack of awareness of working with disabled students.

A child with Down’s syndrome may act out in a specific way and staff may assume that this is because of their disability. Assumptions are sometimes be made about disabled children e. g. their mood, injury or behaviour. This can result in indicators of possible abuse being mistakenly attributed to the child’s impairment. However; their behaviour may be the only way for them to express how they actually feel. In my poster I minimized this by highlighting types of abuse and indicators that staff an look out for if they suspect abuse.

For example an indicator for physical abuse is unbelievable excuses i. e. I walked into a lamp post. However, not all the signs mentioned mean that the student is being abused, but it’s about using your sense to know if it feels right or not. Intruders in the college The main concern that may arise when dealing with intruders in the college is getting hold of personal information. This is a major concern for any school or college and is important that they are stopped. If intruders do enter the premises they could get hold of personal information about students and staff.

In my poster I have highlighted this and given advice on how to stop this from occurring if someone unauthorized enters the building. Computes should be password locked when they are not being used and any confidential paper work should be put into cabinets which are locked. Staff should ensure that all members staff are aware of this rule and if any computers are not locked to do so. By having this simple security measure in place, if an intruder does enter it will make it more difficult for him/her to access this information.

However if these steps are ot taken it can means that confidential information could be used in a negative way towards students such as blackmail. The second concern that may arise when dealing with intruders in the college is how staff and students will respond if they think or see someone suspicious is in the building. When working with disabled students, some of them may not know if someone suspicious or how to react do them. The poster can help staff to tell students how to respond to people coming in to their college that they do not know.

By giving simple steps, with heading makes it easier to read. Also I have given- ‘do not’ of how not to respond in a situation such as don’t not confront the intruder, as it can cause further danger to the student or staff members. The final concern that may arise when dealing with intruders in the college is if you get an intruders that is armed with a weapon- this could either be a gun or a knife. There are many situations that you could be in, that you could unsure how to respond. In my poster I state 3 different situations that you could be when a hostile intruder enters.

By giving them each scenario and steps to take breaks it down and makes it easier to understand. When mentioning these steps I give prioties to make the students safe. This is important when working with students with disability ad they might know how to react to this situation, so ensuring that staff know the correct procedures can help keep the students stay calm. D2: justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health and social care setting In the second part of this report I am going to justify my responses to the incident I have discussed in P4 and M3. Intruders

The safety of children and young people is important when working in any health and social care setting. I am working with students from the entry & foundation with special education needs. My first priority would be to make sure they are safe. the reason why this was my first priority is because that students are most important . – according to the information in the health and social care textbook , level 3. (Authors: Beryl Stretch & Mary Whitehouse) – if an intruder does gain entry, your priority is to keep yourself and the people you care for safe. Property can be replaced- people cannot.

It was particularly important to priotise this response for my students with special needs as they might not know how to respond if an intruders does enter their space or maybe cannot escape by themselves- if they had a physicals or visual impairment. This is why it is important for me to ensure tat all my students are safe. This action reduces future harm occurring again in Entry and foundation because the students may learnt from my response the situation. Health and safety act at work Once I have ensured that all my students are safe, I would make sure I informed security or the site manager.

The laws place certain responsibilities on both employers and employees. For Example- According to health and safety act; it is up to the employer to provide a safe place in which to work, but the employee also has to show reasonable care for his or her own safety. As the employee the next step I would take would be to ensure that the students are safe, and I would make my site manager or security aware of the incident or intruder into the college. This would mean that they could implement actions to help reduce further risk for any further things happening within the environment.

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