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Health Management Research

Analysis done on the basis of primary data collected through a primary source i.e questionnaire in June-July 2018, Analysis done on the basis of the secondary data collected in June-July 2019


Analysis on the basis of the above table. Out total of 692 doctors covered a good percentage of 74.7% of doctors registered themselves with the domain. Out of 517 registered doctors around 50% i.e the exact percentage of 49.5% are Intas doctors and the half i.

e 50.4% of doctors are Non-Intas doctors. Out total number of 90 trainings, a good percentage of 67.7% trainings are completed and the rest i.e 32.2% are pending. Out of total doctors covered i.e 692, 58.09% are Psychiatrists and 41.9% are Psychologists.


In order to collect data for the strategy A i.e the traditional method of personally pitching and training the MHP’s , a questionnaire was floated among the members and the interns of the Mentcom Infotech Pvt.

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Ltd. for survey regarding the Mental Health Act 2017 (MHA-2017) in the month of June-July 2018 who had get it filled the responses from the various Psychiatrists and Psychologists as well as the HOD must fill the responses for himself / herself.

The questionnaire was divided into two parts each, these were:

  • Rating as per the degree of user friendly for the MHA-2017
  • Rating the Digital Recording as per the time period (6 months, 1year, 3 years).

First part contained fifteen questions and the next part contained five questions, wherein each respondent had to mark the response on the degree of Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree for the person he /she was filling it for.

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For example, the first line of the questionnaire Rating Provisions updated as per new MHA-2017 need restructuring in current practice management techniques, in between laid a Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. The same was repeated for the second part of the questionnaire.

Hence a person would mark Strongly Agree if the person needs the reconstruction of MHA-2017 or Strongly Disagree if he is comfortable with the provisions updated as per new MHA-2017 and mark anything in between from Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree as per his opinion about the person for whom the questionnaire was filled.

Hence a person would mark Highly Feasible if he needs recording to be done manually as per the time period or Highly Unfeasible if he is in favour of recording on the online platform with respect to the time period. And mark anything in between from Highly Feasible, Feasible, Unfeasible, Highly Unfeasible as per his/her opinion about the recording with the duration for whom the questionnaire was filled.

In order to collect data for the strategy B i.e the modern method of online pitching and training the MHP’s , a channel partner was formed and the lead doctors of the channel partner were approached and were trained through 15 minutes online training through various online portals like TeamViewer , Zoom , Skype.


The main objective of the study was to determine or to select the best strategy out of Strategy A and Strategy B. From the above study we can conclude that the Strategy B (modern strategy) of online approaching the doctors and doing this by connecting through a partner is a beneficial one, as it ease the process and makes it safe and secure as it is preserved online and all the data is safe and can be worked upon anytime anywhere. Online data is purely a paperless work and contributes to green environment. Last but not the least since it’s an online or a digital area so the Mental Healthcare sector should also contribute into this era. From findings we can also conclude that :

  • It helps in securing the data collected.
  • Trainings can provided anytime anywhere.
  • It ease the process of approaching and searching of doctors in different zones as they were provided by the channel partner INTAS Pharmaceuticals.


  • The method of online strategy to be implemented for some more time and then it should be practiced on offline basis too as it makes the marketing base for the company.
  • There should be filters(location filter, price filter, slot filter) in the app MentCom i.e is designed for patients.
  • There should be some promotional events, advertisements should be conducted or given in order to publicise the software.
  • The software has to be more doctor friendly and should be more precise so that doctors should not be frustrated by adding unnecessary details.
  • Customer trust should be maintained as there should not be any kind of loose holes from where the vital informations should get leaked.


The past months of my internship have been very instructive for me. MentcomInfotech Pvt. Ltd. has offered me opportunities to learn and develop myself to many areas. I gained a lot of experience, especially in the research part and the competitor analysis. A lot of tasks and activities that I have worked on during the internship are familiar with what I’m studying at the moment. I worked on many areas where I did new and different work. This gave me the chance to find out which areas I want work in after my graduation. The area that I found most interesting is Human Resource, Marketing (Digital marketing). I had lots of research work where I had to find the best way to connect to MHP’s (Mental Health Professionals).I learned many things about Product Development, Planning and Strategy Management, Digital Marketing, Competitive Research by using and learning about online platforms for training.

MentcomInfotech Pvt. Ltd. helped me to gather the practical knowledge by giving me a chance of internship in their company. For the first time I saw the practical corporate life and get to know about how does its works. I had gone through each and every step of the product development process and tried to understand the work. The summer internship project helped me to understand how the corporate business works and how various departments and its functions are interrelated to each other.

Scope of the research

In this ever changing world there is always a scope for new changes and this change as mentioned above also contributes to society too so it proves to be a beneficial change. Turning the healthcare sector into a fully digitalized one is a brilliant step to be taken as soon as possible so this study would provide the facts and figures and the pros and cons of implementing the modern strategy i.e the online connectivity to the doctors. In this tech savvy generation people are more into gadgets and technologies so making the most important sector i.e Healthcare Sector into a digitalized one is the important step that should be taken.


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