Health Insurance and Managed Care Essay

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Health Insurance and Managed Care

There are a myriad of issues that concern current federal health policies. These new issues emerged from a number of health policy agendas. Several issues are emerging as of late due to the notion that health care is usually perceived as prelude to issues concerning physical health problems. Federal health policies range from mental illnesses and physical therapy issues. The four central issues concerning federal health issues are: Health Insurance Access, Primary Care for Patients, Quality Management in Hospitals, and the Advancement of Healthcare Organizations.

These issues constitute a broader set of issues, which concerns federal health policies. The advancement of new medical techonology has generated many opportunities for managed care spcecially in hospitals. These advances in the field of medical health allows medical practitioners to be more adept in handling patients. Furthermore, advanced technology has made precise diagnosis and apt treatment for complex illnesses. With this in mind, human diseases are given remedies in order to treat patients. However, a bevy of issues have emerged regarding managed care.

This makes the issue of medical technology complicated in many ways. Healthcare providers are affected by such issue. Medical technologies that reduce costs and present high cost benefit ratio are eventually reimbursed. Such issues are taken into consideration by major health sectors. Wireless Devices and Applications The global proliferation of wireless devices and applications has been surpising. Wireless communications has seen an upscale growth due to the clamor for fast-paced business communications nowadays.

Trends like carries and Bluetooth techonology are one of the most discussed issues whenever wireless applications come into mind. The issues of carriers are still similar since they wireless communication first emerged. However, wireless carries demand extra payments for consumers. Carriers are supposed to augment the services of telecommunication companies, though they are also responsible for revenue-sharing arrangements of telecom companies. Emerging trends of wireless communication include:

• Integration with native phone Apps (Camera, Media Gallery etc) • Rich and more engaging user experience • Faster access • Reduced clicks • Low latency • Lower bandwidth requirement Nowadays, the use of mobile web is increasing. Wireless devices are being used people ranging from students to company executives. The proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots have been evident. The use of 3G mobile broadband increased as well. These and other issues indicate that the wireless telecommunications industry is sustaining a sporadic growth and progress.

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