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I do agree with this week’s speaker Sarah Lightheart one-hundred percent; I think that health is so hard to define because of the fact, there are so many different aspects of health. Health is not just eating right, exercising, and being social every now and again. There are six different dimensions of health that need to have some sort of balance in order to achieve the optimal level of health in oneself to in turn be healthy.

To me, health does not mean that it you are lacking a little in one area of the six aspects of health that you are an unhealthy person, I feel that there needs to be more of a balance within all six dimensions. In addition, every aspect does not need to be at a maximum level for a person to be healthy; I personally focus more on the emotional, physical, spiritual, and social aspects of health and the rest just fall into place for me.

With the exception of environmental health aspect, I do want I can but, I do not go out of my way to be more healthy in the environmental dimension, in which I do need to find more of a balance. In conclusion, the definition of health to me is a balance of all six dimensions of health I believe that each person has their own personal levels they need to maintain to be healthy, Every human has their own individual traits to be healthy, and what makes one person healthy may not do the same for another.

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