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Examinations: Evaluation A Student’s Knowledge
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Examinations are tests for evaluating a student's knowledge. The present system of education ignores the student's individual skills and intelligence. Parents and teachers judge a student's potential through examinations. The Indian system of education is based on the pattern set up by the British. Nothing much is taught beyond the syllabus and only examinations determine the degree or grade of a student. Various Commission, which were set up to improve this system recommended practical training and periodical tests. Cheating, leaking…...
A Successful College Student
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Successful means accomplishing or achieving an aim or a goal, a purpose. A College is an educational institution which can gain knowledge by students. Student can further their education at college after graduated from high school or secondary school. Student is the one who is studying at a school or a college, and student can also defined as a learner. College student can take any courses that they are interested in a college or university. Students who choose to further…...
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Co Curricular Activities In School and University
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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Students not only need to score in their academic, we also need to active in co-curricular activities. When students get both of them, they physical and mental health is healthy would be better. Active in co-curricular activities is out-of-class activity where students participate in any outdoor activities involving camps, societies and so forth. Co-curricular activities are voluntary, and they are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded…...
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