Health care workforce and health care delivery

How are the health care workforce and health care delivery affected by generational differences? Millions of generations have worked so hard to contribute to some of the challenges within the workforce. Every generation has inner deep values formulated by the era in which they were born and some life experiences. The work ethics, perceptions of others and communication styles are the inner deep values that affect experiences at work. According to research, the workforce transitioned from a two generation workforce (Matures and Boomers) to three generations (Matures, Boomers and Generation X).

The mature generation’s characteristics developed from experiences in the Great Depression. Responsibility and quality are key expectations of the Matures, as well as structure and respect.

The Boomer generation, a larger part of the workforce who experienced an era of growth and prosperity requires praise and recognition, putting company needs before personal needs, while juggling multiple responsibilities with competence. Some nursing leaders have experienced some challenges in generational diversity as well as differences in perceptions, values, attitudes, work ethics and beliefs.

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It is important to develop the skills to look at generational differences through different perspective to allow the leaders to extend their leadership qualities and productivity, decrease conflicts and increase the contributions of every staff. It is important to resolve conflicts within the nursing team, otherwise if unresolved it can lead to a loss of productive time, errors, staff turnover, and decreased patient satisfaction.


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Discuss the shortage of health care staff, aside from doctors and nurses. The health care system has been experiencing a shortage of health care workers for a number of years. This is difficult to understand because a number of people struggle to understand how the organization could suffer from worker shortages in the time of economic recession, when many Americans does not have a job and the unemployment rate is high.

This is an explanation that points to the different employees that the healthcare organizations need, for the organization to work in an efficient manner. The health care workers at a professional level who provide direct health services such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians or those who offer support services such as financial officers, cooks, drivers and cleaners are integral to the organization. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, a shortage in just one part of that complex web of workers can stop other parts from functioning at their best. A perfect example is at the hospital where I work, there has been a few times when there has been no house keeper to cover the floor because they felt sick and had to leave.

On few occasions it has created some problems whereby there was no one to do their work, because housekeeping supervisor could not find any one to cover that shift and it became a problem in a number of ways you could imagine. There was no house keeper to throw the trash that was filled up, no one to mop the dirty floors and clean the toilets. All the nurses and the doctors were busy with the patients and it was difficult to find time to start doing the house keeping work. I believe every job is very important whether professional of or unprofessional, we all do different tasks in the health care field to reach one common goal of impressing our consumers or patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) observed that developed countries, such as America are going through a shortage due to an increasing number of baby boomers in the population and increasingly high-tech healthcare. Research shows that the government and university leaders have underinvested in education for health care workers, with not many new health workers to replace their retiring colleagues.

Internet Article-Why Healthcare is Experiencing Work Shortages. Miracle Workers Retrieved on June 25, 2014 from:

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Health care workforce and health care delivery

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