Health care Transparency Essay

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Health care Transparency

Health care Transparency is openness about the quality of healthcare provided, sharing information whether it be good or bad for the purpose of improvement. In the past, health care transparency was secretive, people did not want to share patent information for reason of privacy to their clients as well to avoid law suits. However there is a way in which you can share information without violating doctor patient privilege. The future of health care transparency looks as though it is going to improve, I say improve because I agree with Dr. Patrick Crawley that the movement will allow sharing of information therefore allowing improvements to be made leading to less law suits. Really kind of taking on a best practices type of mentality as well sometimes we need others to step in and help work through issues that may arise.

Overall I think that hospitals becoming transparent will force improvement, at first I am sure there will be a struggle just as in any new process however once the kinks are worked out improvement will shine through. Health care transparency will help patients make more informed decisions when deciding where to go when care is needed, this may cause longer wait times at first however raising the standards and outing the facilities that are not providing good treatment cause only force them to do whatever it takes to increase standards and service provided. We as consumers need to become more informed decisions makers however with information available to us is limited we are unable to make accurate decisions on where to receive our care.

We have systems/sites in which we can choose babysitters, plumbers and other types of services we made need why would we not want to choose our health care facility with the same type of research. Some of this information is already made available by some facilities, such as checking out wait times and even being able to sign up to be seen before even arriving improving the time in which we would wait to receive care. The more we alignment with this advancement the better the care we will see.

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