Health Care Museum Essay

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Health Care Museum

My proposal for a new health care hall of fame museum would include several things. My museum will pay tribute to the five most significant developments in the evolution of health care in the United States. These developments has helped change and save the lives of many people.

Exhibit 1: Vaccines and Medications

Vaccines and Medications are very important. With these two we have had a significant decrease in the number of people that were hospitalized or caused death. With the “advances in medical science” you can be protected against more diseases. Medicines can either heal, prevent, or stop diseases or a sickness. Medicine can be used in the form of a tablet, syrup, drugs, and exercise. When we get sick we take medicine for many different reasons. With the help of medicine it will “restore us back to normal”.

Exhibit 2: Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease

If you do not have control of infectious diseases from spreading, then we all can be at risk of a big epidemic of disease that are contagious. You have different community partners and health care providers that work with people to discuss the pros and cons of the infectious diseases. We all should work together to prevent the spreading of any kind of germ. This can be something as simple as washing your hands more frequently throughout the day. You would also use vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

Exhibit 3: Technology

Technology is a great advancement for the health fields, especially now that it is improving every day. Technology has become an important source to obtain medical information. Everyone is using technology on so many different ways. They are using it to reach “wider populations,” contact with patients, public awareness, community outreach, and any questions that you may have medically, you can chat with doctors and nurses online as well.

Exhibit 4: Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment is something I choose, because with the different types of medical equipment it can save many lives. You have different types of medical equipment. “Diagnostic medical imaging machines” are used to help with diagnosis. MRI, Ultrasound, CT scanner equipment is used to maintain a person’s function. These are just some of the medical equipment’s. You also have other machines that monitor your vital organs in your body. Like EKG machines to monitor your heart, lung and dialysis machines.

Exhibit 5: Oxygen

Oxygen is needed by all living organism. Without oxygen humans will not be able to survive. In institutions like hospitals, they keep a supply of oxygen in stock that is provided to patients who have difficulty breathing. We must take care of ourselves in order to have a longer life span and in order to live healthy. All of my exhibits that are presented to you, I feel are very important and vital in the health care field. These are all thing that we need in the health care and in order to survive.

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