Health Care Innovation Essay

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Health Care Innovation

Asthma is most common in children it begins at infancy and continues to adulthood. Approximate 40,000 Americans miss school or work. This is costing the United States economies about $56 billion a year. Research companies are coming up with 74 new medicines to treat or present asthma. By producing new medicines it will help reduce the cost of asthma. Asthmas are often described with symptoms of a cough which can be worse at night. Wheezing is a noise heard in the airways this is most common in children who live in urban areas. They may be exposed to the most dangerously cock roach antigens, dust mites or pet danger. The high risk for the children had more hospitalizations unscheduled medical visits. Patients can face multiple barriers to care such as lack of routine pediatrician visits and have no access to asthma specialty care.

The benefits patient’s especially preschool children there are a Head Start program in Baltimore Maryland, where all the children in the program can receive services through a pediatric asthma clinic while also learning and educating themselves from asthma educators. The mobile clinic offers asthma examination and prescriptions along with parent education about the disease. The asthma educator does a home visit where he or she explains how the program works and how the parents can learn to communicate with the pediatrician another option would be to offer the family to accompany them to their physician’s office.

Each year Breath mobile sends forms home with for parents interested in a visit. The parents fill out the form and have the child bring it back to school the next day. Next the assessment where each child gets a form and the screening comes back with presence symptomatic asthma. The staff reaches out to them to schedule a visit during school hours where both child and parent need to attend.

A team of pediatric allergist or pulmonologist comes in with a NP, RN, where the examination takes place with each child. Their main focus is on medical history and testing the child’s lung function. Medications should be taken to prevent any flare up. Families receive asthma education and also to follow up with your primary care physician.

Some of the new medicines they are trying out is a momocinioal antibody that inhibits eosinophils( a type of white blood cell) form accumulating in the lungs. Next, a new inhalation therapy that harnesses the body’s natural defense in the airway against asthma. Lastly, a medicine that blocks the pro-inflammatory effect of prostaglandin in allergic asthma. ( 2012)

Another development is with 4 new medicines the first one is reducing eosiophil accumulation which means the white blood cells is important for killing parasites in the body, although it can occur in your lung tissues which will damage the lining of your air passage. Second, controlling pathogens is an inhalation therapy. Third alleviating allergy systems there is a protein called interieukin that plays a role in the symptoms of allergic asthma. The increased mucus may contribute to the airway obstruction. Another one is blocking inflammatory response where the prostaglandin and protein receptor crth2 of allergens will cause imflammorty cells to flare up.

I think this asthma innovation will decrease health care spending. By offering more services such as these above more children will be able to breathe better. Their not many appointments scheduled or kept. Some of the children had no change in symptoms. When bringing a mobile clinic it did not change the access of care. Families should be more educated about asthma, and be able to have a community advocate. Let parents choose convenient times include other options for expanding interventions.

Every child that suffers with asthma will benefit from this and the parents will be relieved such services existed. This will help them live a happy life and to control there breathing would be helpful also and be able to avoid asthma attacks. In addition the number of hospitals visits for pediatric asthma medical assistance has increased. This is measured by how many ambulatory visits, emergency department use. Since 2000 ambulatory visits are increasing due to disease severity and health care utilization. The youngest boys (0-4 years of age) used ambulatory care and hospital services more frequently than did girls of the same age, but different according to sex decreased to insigifant levels in the 11-17 year old age group. (hing, 2004)

Path physiology of Asthma

Airway inflammation continues to expand and may be an alliance of many cells types. Asthma can be difficult to diagnosis in infants and toddlers. Wheezing has been suggested as the most important symptom in identifying asthma in disease population studies. (Gergen 1998) With the variety of etiologies, asthma is characterized by heterogeneity. The improved phenotype was to classify the missing compounds of heritability. The term phenotype, as introduced by Johannes and Shull was intended to characterize different “types” of organisms distinguishable by their observable characteristics (eg, shape, structure, size and color.)

New Innovations

Along with new research and development of diagnostician wheeze indemnification. A deceiver called Pulmotrack and wheezeometer will help with young children who are unable to cooperate. This device was successful used in brochoprovocation testing in infants. The current asthma inhaler children are using cost effective and it is the safest scientific approach for asthma therapy. While you are at your physicians office the cost is determined by which drug of choice, availability and reimbursement options. The device the doctor chooses should be tailored to their age. With health care spending on this innovation will stay the same?

Unless they are able to determine a better treatment for kids. I think parents and doctors should be educated about the risks and medication using. If they do need to change medications for any reason then go back to your physician and have them look it over. Every patient should have a written asthma plan which should include the following: regarding triggers, medications, and emergency contracts. This information should be reviewed at every visit. Intervention is the best out come for asthma patients, whether a school based clinic, doctor’s office, or a parent helps them out. Factors are still missing with regards to epidemiology, pathophysioogy environmental control these have yet to be resolved.

Asthma is diagnosed in children from infancy to adulthood it can come from dust mites, air in the environment tobacco smoke. Researchers are studying new ways to treat asthma for patients. In developing new medicines to kill parasites by controlling pathogens while targeting interleukin and environmental allergens. With all this new technology and medicine coming into the future children will be able to have better control over there asthma systems and will not have to worry about it all their life.

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