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Health Care Email

Thinking back a hundred years ago the history of health care has evolved and has become one of the most demanding fields to work in. The ultimate goal of health care is to treat, prevent or to intervene for those who are ill. Technology is also a major evolution that is now a vital role in the health care system. It allows patients to become more involved with their healthcare. They can follow up on test results, make appointments, and contact their doctors with the progression of technology. Not only has technology evolved but medication is another area that has improved the lives of many, back a hundred years ago the various medication was not available. The future has so much in store for those in the health care field. There are many interesting areas of the health care field. The one thing that interests me most is how disease treatment has changed the path to healing. The idea of medicine has change the look on life of healing and living.

Medicine has change the ways we care for our customer know as our patient. In the earlier centuries, epidemics like cholera and smallpox were a widespread across countries; now those diseases are rarely heard of. With the research and implementation of new medicines most of the diseases that were killing thousands of people are now nonexistent. Nurses are the care takers in the health care field. With nurses patients receive one on one care, in many areas of the health care field. Nursing comes from the heart and spirit and truly from within. Healthcare was my number one choice field to work in. After working in a nursing home for many years showed me the reward for caring for others.

I have learned many lessons in the healthcare field both positive and negative. . There are many resources and information on the history of health care in the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Public Health Services. These are only a few of the resources were information on the history of health can be found. There are many aspect and field to go into, but you have to know which area of expertise or group and how they all tie into the health care.

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