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Health Care Delivery System in the United States Essay

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Introduction: The problem: Access to health care physically and financially, healthcare system in today’s society has failed to provide quality care for the U.S. Americans. There are so many ways that the system falls short in providing proper care. The healthcare is mainly based on the government to provide care for a particular group of people according to their income and not everyone has the same treatment, some having to pay for care through some type of insurance premium.

When looking at this system of care, families are all dealing with the same issues in relations to not getting the treatment and quality care that they need. Many providers is having to see more patients in clinics than anticipated in terms causes a shorter visit with patients to address any kind of concerns and with uncoordinated care this leads to decrease in quality care of patients.

High risk patients could be an issue for providers, because of the risk of malpractice, and increase of having malpractice insurance therefore providers are reluctant to see these patients which causes the patients to have less options for treatment choices.

Healthcare Expenditure: this will continue to increase and families will continue to struggle and stress over how they will pay their medical bills. Healthcare systems are not slowing down on their costs and most of them are not willing to give families an efficient healthcare system for a better quality of care. The healthcare expenditures are increasing and the families incomes are not sufficient to compensate which makes this so stressful and hard for families to afford. When looking at the pharmaceutical spending, this has increased drastically. Medications is continuing to increase in costs, therefore, families are not able to get medications that are needed for care.

Quality of care: has been a proven factor to be declined, patients with chronic and long term disease are not getting the therapy and drug regimen that is needed to give them a better quality of life. Many elderly patients and patients with disabilities are not able to receive homecare services that are needed to assist them with care. This is an ongoing battle with many American families who are uninsured as well as insured families. Care is not being coordinated and managed for patients with long term and chronic illnesses. Internal Factors: finance and delivery systems should be combined, both of these factors work together for the improvement of each other. Delivery system and payments are declined because the quality and effectiveness are not valued in the healthcare system therefore we have less quality of care and increasing in costs. Without improvements in these two areas the healthcare system will continue to fail in providing a more efficient system for our families and out-of-pocket payments are burdening families and care is being refused, emergency rooms are overflowing and office visits are declining.

External Factors: The development of new technology affecting the healthcare system in ways as such advance equipment to treat certain diseases that wasn’t offered in the past and patients are not able to afford the treatment because of the increase in costs. Many advance technology procedures are performed in surgery that is consuming our incomes. Patients with chronic diseases are not able to receive the care because of new technology and the price increase that goes with the technology. Solution to health care access physically and financially, According to (Nichols, 2007) all Americans must take on a responsibility for their own health and the health of their children. This means having policies established which would be affordable for American families and polices established to assist the families who need financial assistant in acquiring an insurance policy. Guidelines also must be followed with this plan with the responsibility of the individual and the insurance company.

This would be balanced to assist families with affordable insurance and benefit the insurance market that would create a quality delivery system as well as cost efficient. The responsibilities to the family is following the guidelines and policy, maintaining their health by having their yearly check-ups, scheduling routine appointments to see their provider as necessary when a problem may arise and maintaining their insurance coverage. The shared responsibilities is the insurance companies provide a stable plan that will improve the delivery system by making American families a priority with having access to a health care system in which quality care is provided and affordable to the family. Solution to health care expenditure, Preventive measures and promoting health can help with health care spending.

Management of long –care diseases and establishing a good foundation with advance health technology well build better patient satisfaction, along with cost effectiveness. The reforms improvements values is not a routine step, many believe that the change in delivery systems may decrease the costs, but some feel that it should be more stable in costs by establishing guidelines that are more promising and effective. These guidelines and policies should be put in place to improve the health care system.(brennan, cafarella, kocot, mckethan, morrison, nguyen, shepherd and Williams,2009). Solution to quality of care, According to (fingado), electronic health record system will allow a continuum of patient care for better quality and manageable coordination to patient records. When coordinating patient care all systems must be involved to get a better outcome. Health care systems through health care electronic employee record helps with continuation of patient care and prepare better management plans.

This health care system also allow staff to advance knowledge through training and exercise to improve better patient care outcome. Why my response is correct, Me as a health care professional have witness patients who are non-compliance regarding their health and working with uninsured families have different outcomes than patients who is compliance with preventive care usually are in better physical health than families who are not. There are many preventive measures that families can initiate better health, exercising on a regular basis, selecting healthier choices in diet menu, seeking preventive care as necessary, and be in compliance with treatment regimen, prevent bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.

Patients who maintain good health behaviors usually have better outcomes during surgical procedures, healing process is less and better outcomes with other treatment plans. Conclusion, according to our reading, Americans should have an effective health care system where families are provided with safe care and an affordable health care plan for the continuum of care. Explanation is given how many patients visit their health care provider and usually never see their primary care provider and how care should be directed toward patient satisfaction.

Our reading mentions The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that extends health care plans to primary care that would benefit most Americans to having a better outcome and assessing why acute visits happen so frequently. According to (Thorpe and ogden,2010) excessive spending is being directed towards Fee-For-Service where the main focus is on the amount of patient being seen and costs instead of patient care improvements. The new health reform law is establishing changes to remove this system away from Medicare and other payers.

Niall Brennan, Nichole Cafarella, S. Lawrence Kocot, Aaron Mckethan, Marisa Morrison, Nadia Nguyen, Mark Shephard and Reginald D. Wiliams. (2009). improving quality value in the U.S. Health Care System. Retrieved August 2009, from www.brookings.edu/reports/2009/08/21-bpc-qualityreport Nichols, L. M. (2007). A Sustainable Health System for all Americans. Retrieved July 2007, from www.newamerican.net/files/NSC%20Health%20Policy%20Paper Thorpe, K. E., & Ogden, L. L. (2010, June 2010). Analysis & Commentary The Foundation That Health Reform Lays For Improved Payment, Care Coordination, And Prevention. Health Affairs, 29,6, 1183.

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