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Essay on Health Care

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Healthy Eating Approach

One parent quoted “They believe the staffs think they are worthless.” Also they believe the school doesn’t provide a large portion of food to fill up their children so they provide snack to their children such as sweets, crisp and drink so their children are not hungry throughout the day. To conclude this report Jamie Oliver campaign has it strength and weakness. There are many financial co...

Vaccination debate - Childhood immunisation

Some parents, however, aren't willing to risk the very rare side effects of vaccines, so they choose to skip the shots. Their children benefit from herd immunity (the protection of all the vaccinated kids around them) without risking the vaccines themselves. Is this selfish? Perhaps. But as parents you have to decide. (Sears, 2001) Parents may justify their decision to deny their child of immunisa...

Narcotics Anonymous

I have to come to the realization that many find the support they need in groups. They feel comfort in knowing that they are not alone in this struggle. Many feel guilty for what they have put their families through and therefore I also find it important that the families also attend these meetings. This not only shows support for the addict but also helps them to understand what it is like to be...

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Health and Safety At Work Act

All spillages should be immediately cleaned up using the appropriate method, usually a cloth or mop, and a wet floor sign should be appointed if needed, this decreases the risk of slips. Staffs responsibilities are to wear safe and sensible footwear which have good grip, and they must also keep their work stations clear and tidy, also both staff and service users have the responsibility to report ...

Urinary Tract Infections in Health Care

Urinary tract infections are the most frequent bacterial infection in women. They occur most frequently between the ages of 16 and 35 years, with 10% of women getting an infection yearly and 60% having an infection at some point in their lives.[1][4] Recurrences are common, with nearly half of people getting a second infection within a year. Urinary tract infections occur four times more frequentl...

Antibiotic lab report

Discussion: All antimicrobials used inhibited the growth of the bacteria to some extent however the school bathroom soap showed the best results and inhibited growth to the furthest extent, which rejected my hypothesis. Although it did inhibit growth better than others, it wasn’t as effective as the school bathroom soap. I thought the antibiotic would work best, as it’s the most common used an...

The Importance Of Breakfast

When you skip breakfast, you may feel hungrier in the afternoon making over eating a problem that can be hard to avoid. Eating a balanced breakfast can also help boost your mood. When you skip breakfast you might not feel up to anything that is mentally or physically strenuous, however eating breakfast causes a person to feel fresh, and energized. While eating any breakfast is better than not eat...

Myocardial Infarction

Complications from treatment (for example, thrombolytic agents increases the risk of bleeding) The good news, however, is that heart attacks are not always disabling, especially when there are no complications. In fact, a full recovery is possible that allows you to do all the things you used to do, including sexual activity. Going through cardiac rehabilitation and sticking with lifestyle changes...

Basic Notions of Health Care Management

A top-down control over total health expenditures establishes budgets for entire sectors of the health care delivery system. Funds are distributed to providers in accordance with these global budgets. Thus, total spending remains within pre-established budget limits. The downside to this approach is that, under fixed budgets, providers are not as responsive to patient needs, and the system provide...

The Biomedical Model

Counseling is another field that often uses a more holistic approach to healing. Proponents of this framework note that, in the biomedical model, a patient looks to an expert for a specific diagnosis and treatment. Many counselors often try not to label patients with a specific condition, and instead help them recognize their strengths and build on their positive traits. The relationship is far mo...

HCR210 Record Formats in Health Care

The Integrated record format arranges reports in strict chronological date order or in reverse date order. This format allows for observation of how the patient is progressing and responds to treatment based on and according to test results. Most hospitals integrate physician and ancillary progress notes only, requiring progress note entries to be clearly identified by discipline, which needs to b...

The Wheel of Causation

In relation to the priority diagnosis of deficient community health related to obesity, drug, and alcohol use, the wheel of causation would focus on how the physical, biological, and social environments affect Anoka County’s residents. Because poverty is on the rise in Anoka County, this could create stress and family conflict which could potentially set the stage for alcohol or drug abuse. Addi...

Respiratory Assessment

Practice relaxation and visual imagery skills. Discuss high risk situations and come up with ways to prevent a relapse. Work together to establish goals of behavior changes and new habit creations. Create a schedule of rewards for meeting their personal goals. Evaluate, encourage, support, and reinforce. Helping the patient address their underlying emotional issues and mood disturbances is most im...

The Safety at Work

An organisational policies manual is an important tool for any organisation and it sets out the regulations of the business and how they should be applied. It should also inform employees about what is expected of them. Codes of Practice set out the standards of conduct and practice expected of employees within which they should work. This can be used on people such as disabled people; they are vu...

Football Concussions

A person’s brain is the most important part of the body. It just makes sense to want to protect it as much as possible. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers football has on a player’s brain people may reconsider playing football. If the NFL is going to have a future, they must make their game safer. If people see less players effected by concussions on TV public perception of footba...

Health Workforce

Gebbie, K., Rosenstock,L., Hernande, M., (2003) Institute of Medicine (IOM): Who will keep the public healthy? Educating public health professionals for the 21st century. Workshop summary. In (Eds.): Committee on Educating Public Health Professionals for the 21st Century, Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Institute of Medicine of the National Academi...

Discharge Planning Checklist in Health Care

Special needs must be taken into consideration before a patient is discharged. Make sure enough teaching is being provided. Assess a patient that is living on their own and might struggle with recovery, thus, needing possible home health or a rehab facility. Patient with inadequate financial resources of inadequate living facilities, need to be assessed for possible infection post hospital, and fo...

Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced in Health Care

Further, the code states that the primary commitment of the nurse is to the patient. This is like a double-edged sword. It must however be noted that there is an exception to the principle of confidentiality, which justified on the basis that a breach of confidentiality would help prevent harm to an identifiable person, and this is buttressed by the ANA’s provision that there are some exceptions...

Swimming Benefits

Some might dispute that swimming is a waste of time or that it is an unnecessary pursuit but, they have the wrong impression. As swimming is not only a popular and enjoyable pastime, it also has numerous benefits. Learning how to swim is important for everyone and it should not be overlooked. The process of learning to swim is a great way for younger children to gain independence and confidence in...

Organ Donor Persuasive

Health Reference Center Academic. Web. 21 Sep. 2011. Mayo Clinic Staff. "Organ donation: Don't let these myths confuse you. " MayoClinic. com. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 02 Aug 2011. Web. 21 Sep 2011. . "Transplant co-ordinators will give organ donation a fillip; 30 people will be stationed at city hospitals to identify potential organ donors and counsel their families. " ...

Labour Reforms

In conclusion, the post-war Labour Government provided a lot of support for the British people struggling after hard times. The Beveridge Report of 1942 helped guide them as to what problems to tackle. The National Health Service and National Insurance Act are still considered to be the most successful to this day. Others such as the New Towns Act and the nationalisation of key industries were les...

Benefits and Importance of Breastfeeding

So much so that when a mother gave birth to twins, the male child was breastfed while the infant daughter was given the formula (Matusiak, 2005). Again to quote Matusiak “The cultural aspects of what roles the male and female play complicates the issue. As seen, societies that favor a male over a female, as in some developing countries, tend to have the male breastfed, while the female gets the ...

Different Massage Modalities

Promotes micro-circulation - massage facilitates smooth blood flow to tissues by expanding blood vessels in order for oxygen and nutrients to pass through unhampered. The development of classic or Swedish massage techniques into a modality that was appropriate for athletes’ conditions and needs began in the early 1900’s in Finland, specifically in the Finnish...

Antimicrobial Drugs

Ever since the discovery of penicillin in 1928, people have been utilizing this antibiotic to the utmost of their abilities. The rate of antibiotic discoveries has been phenomenal, but at the same time, different bacteria that undergo different mutations rapidly eclipse the rate of discovery for antibiotics. This puts pressure to find solutions to prevent the spread of renovating bacteria and con...

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Requires Proper Education

Pain and swelling in the face, jaws or neck may indicate an infection of dental or related origin. If the infection is severe, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is able to work within the hospital setting to diagnose and treat the problem. For less severe infections, evaluation and treatment may be done in the oral and maxillofacial surgery office. It is indicated that depending on the diagnosis a...

Support Eating and Drinking

Explain the importance of monitoring the food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter Monitoring the food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter part of my job, as it keeps an individual in a better form. Whenever I notice something that is not in a care plan I confirm with other staff their observation and update the care plan. This way w...

Prevention of Cauti

The steps explored were assessing the need for change in practice, linking the problems, interventions, and outcomes, synthesizing the best evidence, designing practice change, implementing and evaluating a change in practice, and integrating and maintaining the change. While every aspect of these six steps are important to not only the patient, but the facilities staff members that render their c...

The Use of Pesticides

The amount of risk to the individual depends on the situation. In my opinion, I think that the city of Genericville should refrain from using the chemical Malathion on their wetlands to control the mosquito population. The risk of fatalities is higher due to exposure than infection from West Nile Virus. The risk of harming other wildlife in the process must also be taken into account. Natural pred...

Pros And Cons Of Pay For Performance

Another disadvantage is that employees may be inclined to perform work in which is gauged in consistency with their performance appraisal leaving the less rewarded jobs conditions unattended yet they are all equality important for the well being of patients (Young, & Conrad, 2007). Some of the pay for performance programs does not meet the intended purpose because not all employees are motivat...

Electronic-Based Medical Record

Paper charts that are outdated, that are deemed inactive or charts of patients who expired will have to be placed in boxes and put into storage (Hamilton, 2010). There are vast differences between paper-based and electronic medical record-keeping systems. One system is entirely manual while the other requires manual data entry combined with computerization. For decades, physicians and staff of med...

Observation of Digital Radiography in Health Care

After the radiologist departed, patient was then released to the restroom for a bowel movement and returned for a final x-ray. As mentioned earlier, many procedures were observed during my nineteen hour clinical observation. From the intravenous pyelogram observed in the computed tomography department, to the multiple chest x-rays viewed in the emergency department, as well as the multitude of flu...

Healthcare Today

*An appropriate device, Internet connection, and Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser are required. Some mobile functionality requires Microsoft® Office Mobile 2010, which is not included in Office 2010 applications, suites, or Web apps. Office Mobile must be installed on the device to make edits with Web apps. There are some differences between the features of the Office Web apps, Offic...

Health Is The Most Important Part Of Life

We hope to gain a competitive advantage with this pricing strategy as clients are not required to pay any huge fee to the agency. They will be allowed to deal with the various agencies involved in their treatment, with our help in facilitating the right price. The multi-faceted source of our revenues means that no single individual is overcharged, yet our services are adequately paid for. Sales Es...

Psychological and Sociological Insights

As nurses by providing care to people, more often than not we do not share the same values and beliefs and may not agree with the life choices people have made but gaining an insight to their lifestyle will in turn enable us to provide the appropriate support, information and treatment. Nurses are obliged to promote good health behaviour but this does not always work towards smoking, many people w...

Fall Prevention in adults

The patients at risk were identified through the use of wristbands, color-coded cards placed on the room doors and in the patient charts. As the results with the bed-monitoring system improved the nursing staff requested the use of technology for chairs and wheel chairs. Additional education with the patient and/or family was done, if the patient was coherent. A weekly “falls” meeting is held ...

The Origin of Medical Terminology

What if the doctor tells you the patient has a uvular edema, and you don't have a clue as to what that is, or what tests need to be run. Terminology is not as hard as it seems and first your job could be to write down on referrals what the patient has been diagnosed with. Reading doctors' writing is not the easiest thing to do, and you may need to ask the doctor. So, if the doctor tells you and th...

Eizayaga’s Layers Method

There are a couple of other layers that can exist in a patient (Kramer 2006). There may be a drug layer on top of the lesion layer. In most cases these days, where there is pathology, drugs will have been used to suppress the symptoms. Long-term use of drugs in this way can create a drug layer. A side effect could be that vital organs, such as the liver or kidneys are affected. This layer should b...

External, Internal, and Construct Validity

While this validity issues such as internal, external, and construct validity assess the making of a research through their respective functioning, they also provides a way by which the researcher could pause a while and examine whether the research on progress follows exactly the path of validity. Thus, validity issues could impact future research through the benefits these issues offer in the fo...

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