Health Benefits of Seaweed Essay

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Health Benefits of Seaweed

Food is an important component of health because the body can receive more nutrients from it such as vegetables, fruits or seafood. In regards to seafood, we cannot forget to mention seaweed. The issue of health benefits of seaweed has grown in importance. In addition, scientist has proven that seaweed has the widest range of minerals. It is not only a good source of nutrients can prevent some diseases but also giving individual and natural beauty. Seaweed has many different types and colors and each type of seaweed has a unique nutrient composition.

A study has confirmed that seaweed inherently benefits for health; it has many minerals which are available in the food people eat such as iron, calcium, B-vitamin or magnesium… that can against lots of diseases. For example, seaweed is very high in lignans, which help the body prevent the chemical oestrogens that can cause breast cancer in woman. Additionally, magnesium has been shown that can reduce heart attack for people who has a high blood pressure. Moreover, seaweed is a rich source of fiber molecule align that can prevent constipation from our body.

About B-vitamin folic acid, it reduces colon cancer. Or the folic acid, it has a role in protecting others important like prevent certain birth defects; including spina bifida and the chemical Homocysteine – cardiovascular disease and stroke… Not only that, seaweed can cure stressful in humans with magnesium, pantothenic acid and riboflavin. Three of them are necessary for energy production. Seaweed is also a woman’s friend because it’s high in nutrients, low in calories that help them manage their weight in diet.

Like McAdams said that seaweed is a food free weight because it’s virtually fat free, it just provide only 5 to 20 calories in a meal (Health benefits), so they don’t have to worry about weight gain and control body fat. In other hand to food supply, seaweed has vitamin which benefits for natural beauty. It improves the viscosity and elasticity of your skin. Besides that, it reacts with protein to form a gel that moisturizes skin and precludes wrinkles.

Wrinkles are the enemy of women so they try to find the best solution to have smoother, more youthful skin in just 30 days. For your hair, seaweed has the effect of making your hair smoother, softer and lighter. The black-brown seaweed is called Arame, nourishes the scalp and hair follicles and makes your hair look healthier. So lots of companies have been producing many new products that made from seaweed. Basically, seaweed health benefits are undeniable. Seaweed is easy to make with food and it’s very popular for Asian, specially Japan and Korean.

Overall, seaweeds are highly nutritious, like a book “Seaweed Beauty Guide” said: “It is a nature’s secret to balancing your metabolism, fighting disease, revitalizing body and mind. ” (Cooksley 83) The findings of this research have shown that the benefits of seaweed are countless, that’s a reason why everyone should eat. The numbers of people in Europe, who discover and use seaweed, are recently increasing. Seaweed would be a “secret key” for a long and healthy life and your family.

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