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Health Benefits of Playing Sports

Do you guys like playing any sports? Well, you should Or are you just lazy? This essay is about the health benefits of playing sports. I hope this is will change your perspective and behavior towards your health. Playing a sport is an excellent way for you to exercise. It’s one of the best exercises which helps us to maintain our fitness and health. It involves physical activities like running, jumping, stretching People who play sports mostly have a better body image than those who don’t.

Have you ever thought about why people play sports? Many people don’t know the reason behind it. Examples of sports: swimming, table tennis, badminton, football, rugby, basketball and etc. It has many advantages in participants.

Sports is very important for our health and our fitness. Some people are overweight, what’s wrong Well, they barely exercise or do any sports. Physical activities help to burn calories and improves your stamina and metabolism.

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It controls your weight. Don’t you feel happy when you have a nice body and you can fit in some stylish clothes? It’s really up to you which sport you choose. The health of our body is essential for success in life. An example, when you play football, you lose weight due to all the running which burns your fats and calories.

We humans don’t really care about our bodies nowadays. People say they love themselves no matter whether they look ugly or pretty but they are not aware what will happen to them.

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Here is what might happen Imagine there is a car that hasn’t been used for years and when we try to use the motor engine, it doesn’t work because it’s rusted and perhaps the engine is broken. What this is trying to say is that people are getting similar to these engines and motors. If we don’t play sports, we will turn like them and we might have problems like them in the future like even having difficulty to walk properly. We don’t want to end up like that. In addition, exercising also helps us to release stress.

Sports even improves our sleep. It’s very important to get enough sleep so that we have enough energy to work out throughout the day. It’s a very main element for our bodies especially students. If we don’t have enough sleep in the night, we might not be active in the morning. We feel so lazy, tired, just sleeping all day, can’t concentrate in school, yawning, headache, tired eyes and many more. We can’t function well which is a bad thing.

Have you ever felt like this? You had PE that day and you played football. You feel very tired so you sleep early that day rather than the time you usually sleep. The result is that you slept very well, waking up fresh and ready for the day. Playing sports causes more sleep which will boost your performance. You can think properly and you good to go for the entire day. You will have better endurance. Sports is essential and affects sleep. A good sleep also removes stress and work out our body better.

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