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Health and Social introduction Essay

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The sector that I have chosen to write my report on is ‘children and young people’, I chose this sector because I am hoping to work with children when I am older. The client group is children who are 2 – 4 year old(Nursery age) the care setting will be nurserys in England. The work of the sector Nurseries provide full day care and education for children from as young as six weeks to pre-school five year olds. Day nurseries are different from nursery schools and can be privately run, community, council or workplace services.

They all must be registered and regulary inspected by Oftsed though and must comply with the guidlines of how much staff there should be to children(for under two’s, one carer to three children; two to three year olds, one carer to four children; three to five year olds, one carer to eight children). All staff there must have or must be working towards the relevant qualifications in children. The care setting and client group The purpose of a nursery is to provide care for those under the legal school age(5).

The care may be needed if the parents work or if the parents just want their child to get used to been around other children of similar age so they can get their confidence up. In a nursery there will usually be between 10 and 26 children in it depending how big or small it is. Nurseries are more likely to be in a rural area because families with children will more likely live there, any care setting for children in Urban areas will more likely be private care.

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Facilites in a nursery : Nurseries will have a lot of many factilites that are suitable for the children, there will be a mix of play areas which are an important part of the childs development in the nursery years. There will possible be a soft play area for younger children, plenty of toys(suitable for the ages) a sand pit and/or a water pit for them to, depending on the age the nursery accepts though. They may even have an outside area for play which would be best for the oldest children in the nursery, the outside area would have tricicles(maybe) and possibly Jungle-Jim equipment that the children can play on.

Inside they are likely to have a small reading area(where the children will sit down on the carpet like they do in reception). Toilets, possibly a changing room depending on the ages the nurseries accepts. They may have a small kitchen or an upstairs caffeteria if connected to a school. The differet practicioners : Manager, deputy manager, room leaders(depending on how big the nursery is), workers, volunteers, special education needs coordinator(senco). If the nursery is big they will possible have a cook and maybe an administrator.

The clients will only meet the room leaders, workers, volunteers(as these are the ones who look after/teach the children) and maybe the senco depending on if they need one. The manager and deputy manager are there to make sure that the nursery runs smoothly and that they keep to the standards expected of them(buying supplies, keeping in contact with parents). The room leader is there to be in charge of a certain room in the building, these are only needed for the bigger nurseries.

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