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Health and Social Care Level 3

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All learners should be able to define basis of discrimination. All learners should be able to explain basis of discrimination Most learners should be able to demonstrate discriminatory practice Some learners should be able to describe effects of discriminatory practice.

Basis of discriminatory

A person’s culture is important to them and identifies who they are in the world. In health and social care profession, respecting a person’s culture is important for all concerned. It also important to health and social care professionals because they see the benefits of their care value base which underlines respecting and individual’s culture

In health and social care you will work or support people with various disability.

This disability Act status it unlawful to discriminate against someone has disability. Are covered include: employment, access to goods, facilities and services of organisation, education etc.

Age discrimination happens when someone is treated unfavourably because of their age without justification or harassed because of their age.

Controversies regarding dispensing of expensive drugs to older people because of shorter life expectancy. Denying a person a drug is illegal.

Social class
Our social class is apparent from where we live. The higher the class the better place is kept and maintained. The poor are more likely to get cancer than the rich and their chances of survival are poor. Human rights
emphasises that everyone should be treated equally and with dignity no matter of their circumstances.

A person cannot be discriminated because of their gender.

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Health and social service should not discriminate unfairly due to a person’s gender. Equality rights of access, health and social care rights must be adhered to.

Sexual orientation can be referring to a person who is attracted to another person of the same sex. E.g. gay and lesbian. Discrimination against someone due to their sexual orientations against the law.

Health status
Taking into account the cost of treatment and the expected quality of life after treatment and overall life expectancy, people taking these decisions should always keep their own assumptions and prejudices.

Family status
This is lead to a variety of discriminations: against gay/lesbian parents, single parents, parents of different genders, parents from different race with mix race children and other family grouping

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