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Health and fitness Essay Examples

Discovering philosophy. Structure of Personality

Structure of Personality Introduction The Components The Id        According to Freud, the id is unconscious behavior of human beings which are considered to be primitive as well as instinctive and one is born with id (White, 1996). Under this component, there is the need for satisfaction to the needs to be provided… VIEW ESSAY

Clostridium Difficle Infection In Health-Care Workers

According to Bouza (2005), Clostridium Difficile is a bacillus that is gram positive and forms spores. Its main mode of distribution is the environment whereby it also colonizes 3-5% of all healthy adults without causing any symptoms that can be noticed. At infancy, clostridium difficile colonizes between 2% and 70%, but the rates decrease with… VIEW ESSAY

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcoholism and drug abuse in the workplace or school can no longer be ignored by employers and institutions as they contribute to poor performances. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs leads to addiction, which is never addressed by most companies leading to a decrease in an employee’s morale. Drug usage and alcoholism may also make… VIEW ESSAY



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A needs assess Gap Analysis on Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente refers to healthcare consortium that offers prepaid Medicare services. Rising from humble beginnings in 1945, the non profit has flourished from a privately centered medical care to accommodate even the public. It was founded by physician R. Garfied and industrialist Henry Kaiser (Lawler, Boudreau, Mohrman, Mark, Neilson, & Osganian, 2006). The hospital has… VIEW ESSAY

Monkeys and how we judge mental illness

In the movie 12 Monkeys there features a virus which was deliberately released in 1996 and killed more than five billion people. The survivors seek refuge into the underground. The refugees send volunteers to bring insect specimens from the universe to test for the virus presence. One of the sent prisoners is James Cole. He… VIEW ESSAY

Medicine is the biggest epidemic in our time’ was Ivan Illich a prophet or a rumor monger

Ivan Illich was an Austrian philosopher, very popular for his of contribution of theories on the concept of medicalization. He has published many books on medicalization and has presented to a wider public the notion of iatrogenic disease. Medicine is a major therapy tool in social life and without proper medication human life could be… VIEW ESSAY

Women are Over sexualized in the 21st Century.

Women are Over-sexualized in the 21st Century. Introduction            The music in the twentieth and twenty first centuries are significantly different, both vocal and visual. In centuries before, music was primarily made up of instrumental music from stringed and wind instruments with the exemption of Operas. With the advanced technology and… VIEW ESSAY

Effects of Psychodrama Practice on University Students’ Subjective Well-Being and Hopelessness

Psychodrama can be defined as the helpful role-playing method technique usually conducted by groups. Many questions have been raised about the effects which can be caused by psychodrama on students (Blatner, & Adam, 2014). This article have discussed and compiled those effects caused by psychodrama practice on university students’ subjective well-being and hopelessness, morenean approaches:… VIEW ESSAY

The risk of depression in elderly individuals

This study aims at investigating whether there is significant difference between depressed and non depressed individuals level of physical activity. The study will involve two groups of participants: depressed and non depressed groups. Depressed individuals will be selected on the criteria that an individual has been in the past diagnosed with chronic or acute depression… VIEW ESSAY

Feminist criticism of Lee’s Wolfland

Tanith Lee’s Wolfland is a a retelling of the fairytale in Little Reid Riding Hood. The main protagonist in the Wolfland is named Lisel and is depicted as fearless, confident, daring and bold. The wolf in the fairytale is not depicted so much as a bad guy but rather the grandmother comes has the impression… VIEW ESSAY

Should the UK introduce the right to die

Death, in itself, is a hot topic since the existence of man. In some incidences, people have lost their lives in various ways. These causes of death include accidents, natural causes and sometimes ineptness of doctors and nurses handling patients or victims who could have a high chance of recovery. Most of these people would… VIEW ESSAY

Smoking in communal places needs to be prohibited

Smoking in communal places needs to be prohibited. All of us have heard about the secondhand smoke’s negative paraphernalia to human health, newly done investigation is usually dropping lighting about just how effective it actually is. A current analysis through the United National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) observed that will secondhand smoke causes it… VIEW ESSAY

Solution to the Media’s Effect on Women

Recently, the media has come under numerous criticisms due to the manner in which it has been objectifying the female gender. According to Britton, the media has taken advantage of women’s quest for beauty to enrich themselves. This is evident due to the media’s involvement in numerous product advertisements addressing the female gender in terms… VIEW ESSAY

Impact of Government Restriction on Tobacco Smoking

Introduction               Tobacco smoking is known to be a major health problem among many since the product is known to have up to 60 carcinogens among them nicotine and carbon monoxide (Owing, 2005). Currently the smoking prevalence in the European region is estimated to be about 28.6% with the… VIEW ESSAY

High Altitude Living Low Altitude Training

Altitude training describes training practice by athlete’s training in oxygen deprived conditions for several weeks to increase their performance endurance. Often, there are altitudes training camps strategically designed for this objective (Geiser, Vogt, Billeter, Zuleger, Belforti & Hoppeler, 2001). Altitude training further entails simulated or natural altitude conditions in the training course often as a… VIEW ESSAY

Consanguinity in the Middle East

Consanguinity is the principle arrived at when two blood relatives get into a union of marriage hence reproducing together. Its effect is greatly felt in the Middle East, West Asia, North Africa and immigrants of these countries living in other parts of the world ( Gennet J 3,3). The numbers are high in the said… VIEW ESSAY

Application of the PRECEDE PROCEED Model to Fit Kids Fit Families FKFF Youth Physical Activity Campaign

Obesity among American youths has become a national epidemic. Both developed and developing nations face a crisis of rising trends of obesity and overweight among adolescent youths (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2004). Approximately 10 % of school children are overweight with US alone reporting 25 % of overweight children while 11 % of… VIEW ESSAY

Constitutionality of the new health care reforms

This paper seeks to discuss the constitutionality of the new health care law in the United States of America, the Affordable Healthcare Act. The paper will discuss on the diverse understanding and conception of the new law among the common citizenry in America, business class as well as the health care service providers. Health care… VIEW ESSAY

Evidence Based Practice Aseptic Technique for Peripheral IV Insertion

The significance of asepsis in the intravenous IV therapy is integral in the modern patient care because of the increased patients number requiring IV therapy due to changes in patterns of prescription and the today’s illnesses which has acute nature (Bofah et al, 2012). Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation according to Bofah et al (2012), is a… VIEW ESSAY

Histology Detective and Brains Cape

This case study focuses on the identification of metastatic tissues — cells that are “out of place” causing tumors elsewhere in the body. Name the cells you identified in this sample of lung tissue and the main characteristics that you can use to distinguish them. From the observation of the sample there are variety of… VIEW ESSAY

Pathogenesis of Fluid Volume Excess in an Acute Exacerbation Chronic Heart Failure Patient

Heart failure is a clinical syndrome of decreased tolerance and fluid retention due to structural heart disease. Despite much advancement in treatment of the treatment of heart failure, there still exists a high annual mortality. In normal situations, an increase in total blood volume results in an increase in renal levels of sodium and water… VIEW ESSAY

The Importance of Maintaining Health and Healthy Lifestyle Practices Short Answer

Q1. Describe the mechanics of inspiration and expiration in a resting person Breathing also referred to as ventilation is involved with the air movement into and out of the lungs to the atmosphere. The breathing process comprises of two phases, which is inspiration and expiration. West (2014) indicated that the main muscles that are involved… VIEW ESSAY

The pre existing conditions and benefits of the obamacare

Obamacare as is famously known is Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act(PPACA) or affordable health care. Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act was signed into law in March 2010 and was further upheld by the US supreme court in the year 2012.This healthcare act does not whatsoever replace the private insurance, but rather it… VIEW ESSAY

Misclassification bias arising from random error in exposure measurement: implications for dual measurement strategies

This research study was done by Chlan and Savik, (2011) in an attempt to explore the anxiety patterns in the ICU patients using mechanical ventilation support. The research employed descriptive statistics for ordinal and interval data that were presented as medians with ranges and provided the skewed data distributions. The categorical data was analyzed and… VIEW ESSAY

The Moral Property of Women: A History of Birth Control Politics in America

Birth control has been in use for several years since time immemorial. In modern day the evolution of medicine and technology has led to the creation of effective and efficient methods of birth control that are available to all age groups of people. The use of a type of birth control is dependent on an… VIEW ESSAY

Vanadium in foods and human body fluids and tissues. Science of the Total Environment

The human body is made up of limitless cells as essential components of various tissues. The entire lot of these cells traces their origin from the ovum, typical cell and the egg cell. The egg cell or ovum is made up of protoplasm and contains nucleus. Immediately after the fertilization, the cell multiplies to form… VIEW ESSAY

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology

A tissue is an assemblage of similar cells and cell products performing a specific activity and are located in different organs of the body. Tissues form the building blocks of an organism. They are composed of individual cells which consequently are composed of several organelles. There are four types of tissues in animals and they… VIEW ESSAY

An epidemic of inhalation anthrax: the first in the twentieth century

Bioterrorism is threatened employ of biologic agents touching group, a person, or larger populace to create illnesses or fear for purposes of threats, interruption of normal activities, gaining an advantage or ideological objectives. The consequential reaction is dependent leading the actual occurrence and the population caught up and can vary from a minimal result to… VIEW ESSAY

Library research guide to education: illustrated search strategy and sources

Sodium supports the proper functioning of the nerves by playing its role in action potentials action potentials are electrical impulses sent when the nerve cells received signals down the length of the cells hence triggering communication with the neighboring cells. During the action potentials, sodium ions rushes out of the nerve cells to initiate electrochemical… VIEW ESSAY

Understanding child sexual abuse: perspectives from the Caribbean

Many forms of child abuse exist. One of the rampant forms of child abuse is Child Sexual Abuse. Child sexual abuse is cruelty committed against children by adults or older adolescents in which the perpetrators use the child for sexual stimulation. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) occurs in various settings that include home, work or school…. VIEW ESSAY


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