Health and Body Essay

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Health and Body

Well I believe that all six health elements are around our world daily. Because we all have physical health to keep the well being of the healthy balance for our mind and body. The way we treat our body reflects the wellness that our body can obtain. That up to you do you want to live a healthy life or not. Its many ways to keep the physical fitness so that our body can be healthy. Exercises and many sport activities will help get our body in physical shape.

But it can also backfire on you just because you are physical fit. Don’t mean you’re physical healthy. Because you can be physical fit but you can have a bad heart or liver. This could happen because you have abuse your body for so many years with eating UN healthy foods, smoking, drinking, and drugs abuse. When you do decide to do right with your body. Your body rejects because it too late.

So it important to start earlier sets a commitment and motivation to set many goals. To stay physically healthy and fit. Before it too late. The emotional health is the most important part of our life. With the emotions we carried around has a big impact on our life our emotions help us on what type of lifestyle we want to obtain like the type of friends, jobs, family, and relationships, depending on what type of emotions we carry around.

Like for example if you go to work with a real hateful, bitter, lazy, loud complaining and cursing everyone out that coming in your presents . You will lose your job. And that attitude you also loss your family friends and everything you can think of. So that why I said we need all six elements to make it in this world today. Because without the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and environmental health. Without these Elements you will be emotionally mental and unhealthy to our society.

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