Health & Aging among Baby Boomers Essay

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Health & Aging among Baby Boomers

Post WWI era babies (around 1946) until a marked slow in the birth rate of children (around 1964) were termed “Baby Boomers.” In time, these youngsters came to remove or, at the very least, redefine traditional values in nearly all aspects of life. The social changes taking place in the United States during this time were paramount. The paths taken by young adults, particularly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, were varied and not all well-chosen. However, as baby boomers “boomed” into their sixties in around 2006, many regrets later, focuses on health care – preventative, acute and chronic was on the forefront of importance. “Baby Boomers” had a positive impact on health care, in that it instrumentally turned it into a business expected to offer customer service.

(Blanchette, 2014) Coming of age in an era that demanded not only customer service, but high quality health care, as well as, a friendly environment, baby boomers enjoyed the perks of medical advancements. These advancements included outpatient treatments for a larger array of ailments which appointments could be adjusted to meet the needs of the patient; therefore, less stressing about re-arranging schedules or missing work. (Blanchette, 2014) The importance of preventative care forged from the “boom era,” too. Preventative visits gave physicians the opportunity to teach patients and make certain they understood the proactive measures to take to remain healthy in order to prevent the necessity of hospitalization. (Blanchette, P. L.)

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