Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm Essay

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

A healing hospital is with a concept of giving compassionate, loving, and efficient care to patient as well as to the family members and to community. It should be built in tradition of love as the center for healing. Within the framework, a faith in God that balanced between the technological and scientific achievements and the demand of spiritual needs of a human being. Healing is a journey toward wholeness or wellness of the patient. According to Mercy Gilbert Medical center in Arizona, one of the many healing hospital USA, components of the healing hospital include a healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology and a culture of radical loving care (Eberst, 2008). A physical environment that enhances the healing would include loving, compassionate and pleasing environment. There are many factors that include in the physical environment such as quiet, peaceful and safe environment that help to reduce the level of the stress of the patient as well as the staff.

The second component of a healing hospital would be providing privacy and security of the patient effectively. It can be attained by utilizing advanced technology that is available today. Easy access to the information and education to the patient, timely service, and treatment can be obtained by the advance technology. By having private room for each patient and allowing family member to stay with the patient, would help to decrease the stress, and improve the healing environment. Patient deserve to have dignity of preserving their privacy in their stressfull time (Eberst, 2008) The third component of a healing hospital is embracing a culture of radical care. (Eberst, 2008). By assisting patient with their spiritual needs and listening the whole heart of a person helps to promote the healing.

To have culture of strong compassionate care from the health care workers, they need to have a holistic approach to patients. Health care workers should have technical competency as well as the competency in kindness, compassion, acceptance, and relationship. Staff education should not be just about the medical facts or skills; it should be devoted to self- care, wellness, and coping skills. Relationship skill should be fostered in a routine basis. The healing language should be promoted rather than business language. The power of language and words should be taught, and need to give reminders about the power of words to enhance the healing or to avoid words that inhibit the healing. One of the main challenges to face in this present economy with high unemployment rate, is the financial difficulties that most of the hospital facing in these days. Many patients who come to the hospital are without insurance, or because of the reduced reimbursement, the government might not be paying enough for the medical necessities and treatments.

These situations affect the hospital financially, which affect employee ratio to give the adequate care in the hospital units. Nurse patient ratio would be higher and the turnover rate with admissions, transfers and discharges would go up. Stress level of the first line staff would be higher, because of the higher work load. Even though technology improved from past, nurses work load only increased in these days. Insufficient staff and increasing workload affects the environment adversely. Another important factor is to have the knowledge of how to assist patients in giving the spiritual need of the patient. Nurses and other health care professionals need education and training to provide the spiritual care to patients.

The challenges of creating a healing environment include noise in the hospital setting. The goal should be to reduce the noise inside the units. Each person who enter in to a hospital setting should be reminded the importance of reducing the noise in the hospital, especially inpatient areas. The noise from the heavy machines rolling through hallways, or voices calling to each other at the nurses’ station, or intercom services that goes off very often could be reduced .By using over paging system only for emergencies; all the other calls should be through individual pager, rather than announcing throughout the unit; using special silencer to the heavy machines. posters or signs of quiet zones, as well as in the rooms and front doors to remind the visitors as well as health care providers to lower the voice level.

Healing environments with pleasant and interesting views of outside world has been shown to promote the faster recovery and shorter hospital stays, increased treatment effectiveness and decreased pain, and increased patient satisfaction (Johnson J. , 2007,18(5)) When people get sick or are in suffering most likely they turn to God for healing. Most people believe that God has the healing power. In the Holy Bible, the passage by prophet Jeremiah stated that, Lord, heal me, and I will be completely well; rescue me, and I will be perfectly safe. You are the one I praise! (Jeremiah 17:14).In this passage it shows that healing come from God, that we need to ask him for the healing and would be given according to each person’s faith. This identifies the relationship between the healing and the spiritual belief.

Prayer is one of the effective ways of getting the hope in healing and recovery, as well as it reduce the stress level in their difficult times and illness. Healing hospital should have an environment that uplift the spiritual need of patients. Patients should be able to pray with his or her spiritual leader or with the family members in their hospital days. In conclusion, hospitals should embrace the aspects of healing hospital, and should provide the environment that helps the healing process. The treatment plan should include benefiting the body, mind, and the spirit of the patient.

Health care providers should avoid the business mentality, where as to give safe, loving and compassionate care to patients. Each healthcare system should address the challenges that they face, and overcome the challenges for a loving and compassionate healing hospital. The healing hospitals should be providing the environment for a spiritual healing, at the same time which could alleviate stress, anxiety and perceptions of pain and promote feeling of well being and empowerment.

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