Heald College Dress Code Essay

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Heald College Dress Code

Heald College in Fresno, California has rules that change and get stricter every quarter. Dress code is one of those rules that are constantly changing at the Fresno’s campuses. Students are required to dress professional Monday through Thursday, and Friday through Saturday is allowed to wear a Heald t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Before the rules were changed, students were allowed to wear a Heald t-shirt on Thursday’s also. It would be nice to get that Thursday back, instead of it changing due to the rates of dress code being higher on that day than any other days.

Students should be allowed to wear a Heald t-shirt on Thursday again because we need a day where we could dress comfortable, it’s not fair to students who go to school form Mondays through Thursdays can’t have a Heald spirit day, and it’s not fair to keep changing rules and punishing those who follow the dress code. Heald College requires us to wear professional attire because it is to make us more prepared for our career we are trying to pursue. I know at a job were not required to wear sweats or unnecessary clothing but we’re at school and it is one place we want to dress comfortably at.

I always used to look forward to Thursdays because I knew it was t-shirt day. Students need at least one little break from dressing in tight slacks, shirts that are tight around our neck, and shoes that hurt our feet! One comfortable day at Heald is what students need especially if we have a long week of learning. Most students at Heald are attending school only from Mondays through Thursdays. The rules for dress code states students are allowed to wear Heald Spirit only on Fridays and Saturdays. It is not fair that students who go to school from Monday to Thursday for 10 weeks don’t get a day to wear a Heald t-shirt to school.

Before the rules changed many students liked the idea that Thursday was a day that they can relax and just wear casual clothes and shoes that they feel more comfortable in. To students who have been here before the rules have changed were very unhappy that Thursday’s spirit day was taken away from them. I asked a Student named Jessica, who’s in her fourth Quarter, “If you could change the dress code what would you change? ” She responded “The Heald Spirit Day on Thursdays should be allowed again. I just like the fact that it was not so hard to pick out an outfit for school on Thursdays. ” It’s just not fair to students.

Not all students are at campus Friday and Saturday. They should at least make Heald Spirit day on a Thursday where most of the students go to school and not days where most class rooms are empty. There are students at Heald who obey the rules well and there are students who don’t. The dress code at Heald changed at the end of January 2013 quarter. Students were sent emails stating the dress code violations were higher on Thursdays than any other days and there will be no more Heald spirit day on Thursdays. All the students were punished because other students who are supposed to be adults couldn’t follow a simple dress code for Thursdays.

It is not fair to other students who obey the dress code to get punished for other student’s mistakes. Taking the Heald Spirit day on Thursdays is not all the students fault. Violations should be given to students who are out of dress code on Heald Spirit day, so they’re the ones who get in trouble not the whole campus. Were adults and those who obey the dress code for Heald Spirit should be treated like an adult and be allowed to wear the t-shirt spirit day attire on Thursdays again. All students shouldn’t be punished for simple rules adults can’t follow.

Students want to get treated like adults not high school or elementary school kids. Heald College in Fresno has a strict dress code that Students are supposed to follow. Heald Spirit on Thursdays should be given back to the students as a reward for coming to school and having to get an expensive school loan to learn. Students should be allowed to wear a Heald T-shirt on Thursdays because students want to go to school comfortable at least once throughout their week, Friday and Saturday are days Heald is less busy, and It’s not other students fault who obey the dress code to be punished for other students faults.

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