Head Chef

Every men needs food to survive, as the world develop, people are getting the idea that food is not only for living, it also can be a very enjoyment thing to do. Only cooked food can not satisfy people anymore. People are trying to get happiness out of food. This is the reason why chef becoming a more important job. Back in days, chef is a low level job, no one will be pride to be a chef, but not anymore.

More people are going to this career because they have a big interest in it. Even tho learning how to cook is not as easy as one may think. Through at history people were taught how to cook from their parents, or others around them.

In days world, one may attend a culinary institute to learn the skills needed to become a chef. If you want to become a chef, the first thing you need to do is enjoy in cooking.

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People saying a good chef can cook their out by their dishes. When taster eat their work, they can feel chef’s feeling by the dishes. Also, chef is a skill job, so people needs to learn how to cook before start cooking. It is not a hard thing, but sometimes it just need take a lot of time. So a chef need to have patient, most dishes need a time period to cook, so chef need to be in kitchen for a long time, standing.

Unlike those office work, chef needs health and strong body to help their work.

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Beside patient, a chef must be creative, those recipe does not come up by themself, and chef needs to be creative to create those recipe, sometimes they need to fix those recipe people made before, improve them, make them taste better. Every chef needs to have those character, but in order to become a good chef. They are not enough, now days, people must to attend to a culinary art school to become a chef, and there are many kind of institute offering culinary court. Which one is the best? Most culinary institute are two year school.

Which is not enough time, people graduate from those school normally goes to a lower level restaurant looking for job. Chef is a life time job, we are learning how to cook fellowing time, two year is not enough for that, also those restaurant they go to they do not have a chance to learn more knowledge. So if you want become a good chef, you have to join a four year college. Teachers from those college are head chef from different restaurant. In their classes. They will teach you from their experience. Those experience are passed by their teacher or they summarized over their life.

I know a teacher from Johnson&Wales University, beside teaching in school, he also own three big restaurant and he is an adviser of a food company. His career made him a rich man. Chef is not a one man job, most time they need to make a team, so get along with their companion is a important thing. In every kitchen, their always be a head chef, a sous chef, and a number of assistant. Everyone have their part of work need to be done, the every work they did will be affect to the final produce. So get along with team is a important thing in kitchen. No matter which position you in, you always work under pressure.

So you also need to feel comfortable with those pressure. ` There are many things need to know to become a good head chef. First you have finish college. Next, you need to what are tools in kitchen, and what are they use for. Also you have to know what is every thing you put in the dish what are they taste like also why are they in the dish. There is a reason for everything to be in the dish. As the society develop, people get more quist about what are they eating, so you also need to know what are nutrients in their food. So you have to know those information as well.

Everyone work in a restaurant wants to be the head chef, but head chef needs to be authenticate by other people, which make it a hard thing to do. If a person wants to be a head chef, they have to start saving their working experience since college, maybe high school, those experience will make a people a head chef. So it is important to find a internship during college, especially for culinary students. Most four year culinary institute have a internship office, people who works in their will find you a good internship. This is another good part for four year college. They have a stronger back up team then those small two year college.

Which will be really helpful for future life. And It is important to make contact with classmates and professors. Those people may help you find a job in the future. Also, they may help you when you need some idea, which is always happened. Graduate from a culinary school does not means you have to become a chef. It is a easy major to jump jobs. For example, you can become a restaurant manager, like the teacher i wrote about before. Open up your own restaurants, or become a counselor for some food company. They will pay you a lot. Culinary major is a good major to take for your college life.

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Head Chef

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