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He-y Come on Ou-t analysis Essay


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In the short story “He-y Come on Ou-t” the hole symbolizes an easy solution for a big problem. People used this hole to dump their waste, and fears into it. They used it to dispose unwanted materials, and at the same time to bring money into the city by charging others to dump their waste into it. The hole also symbolizes the people’s ignorance as well, people do not fully understand what this big dark gaping space is, and that it could harm the Earth in many possible ways, yet they still use it for their own good.

The hole is a positive thing, because people learn from experience, and that hole taught the people that every action has a consequence and that everything comes around again in some way. This hole also shows how people won’t always get away with something bad they have done. The hole swallows all the sin people have done, and gives them some peace of mind.

I would sure like to use one of these phenomenon’s, but if I do many other people will, and later on the world will lack a lot of things.

This hole is sure useful at times, but it will reflect on the world and the environment, because everything has its bad and it’s good. Almost everything we use is recycled or some parts of it are taken to do and produce something else. Some things do not naturally occur, so when people start getting rid of materials and things that they think are useless, we will be short on a lot of things in the upcoming centuries. Not all people are geniuses or aware of what the things they are using is made out of.

Even if this hole will be used for a good cause, and to save our environment instead of burning garbage, dead animal bodies, etc. there are still many other ways to do such things in a safer way without risking our environment. We live in an uncontrolled world; if such thing existed some people will manage to find a way to use it to harm our environment. We shouldn’t take the easy way out in everything, but think and solve the problem once and for all.

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