HCS/466 Facility Planning I Essay

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HCS/466 Facility Planning I

Strategic Planning is an essential first step in the development of a result-base accountability system,” (Schilder, 2013, p. 1). In strategic planning an organization must know their goals, missions, and how to reach them. Health care facilities are in huge demand for the elderly and for people who lives in low-income communities. A person who receives good quality health care services can prevent the spread of contagious diseases. This paper will describe the need of the community, population it is serving, and a brief description of the facility. Franklin C. Fetter Family Health Center (FCFFHC) is an outpatient clinic and has served the communities, and the surrounded rural areas since 1975.

This health center is greatly needed in the rural and low-income communities because the people could not get to their local hospital. Therefore, the people in those communities were not getting the necessary medical health care needed. Dr. Franklin C. Fetter, the Dean of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, and founder, provided culturally sensitive comprehensive primary health and home care services to children, and adults as part of a demonstration grant under the Medical University in 1968, (FCFFHC, 2013). The center offers support to the community by sponsoring health awareness campaigns, health fairs, and through their media.

The most important need that the elderly community needed was a Home Health Department (FCFFHC, 2013). This department provides services to home bound people who cannot travel to see the doctor. Home Health have a staff of one medical doctor, physician assistant, and a nurse practitioner. According to Roberta Porterfield RN, and Home Health Manger, “The object of home health staff is to assist patients in need of intermittent skilled nursing care to arrive at a stable level of health through treatment, while teaching and involving the patients’ family,” (Porterfield, FCFFHC, 2013, p.1).

The medical facility operates eight primary health sites for the residents of Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, and Dorchester counties. The centers hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. “Franklin C. Fetter mission is to provide quality, affordable, culturally sensitive comprehensive primary health and home care services to families throughout their community and surrounding areas,” (FCFFHC, 2013, p. 1). , ‘

Franklin C. Fetter Center’s services includes: (FCFFHC, 2013) Prenatal Care
Infant and Adolescent Care
Adult and Geriatric Care
Behavioral Health
Breast Examinations
Cervical Cancer Screening
Skilled Home Health Service
Prenatal Care (OB/GYN)
EPSDT/ Immunizations
Family Planning

The health center offers many more services to the local community (FCFFHC, 2013).
The population that FCFFHC provide medical care services to is 19,325 of rural and low-income people. The Health Center serve people of all ages from newborns to adults. Patients with insurance are require to present their insurance card before he or she receive services. Patients are expect to pay the co-payment or co-insurance. Patients without insurance at 100% of poverty level are require to pay a minimum of $30. Patients who pay for his or her services are require to pay, according to the sliding fee of $40, $50, or $60. The Health Centers’ sources of revenue are generated from: Fees-for-Service, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Grant Funds (FCFFHC, 2013).

The newest facility was built in the spring, 2013. The center is in Yonges Island, South Carolina. This is a rural and remote area with mostly elderly people with little or no income. A health care facility existed where the new site is but had to be torn down because it needed severe repair. It is a one story brick building. The clinic has a patient registration that is adjacent to the Medical Records department. The Admitting front desk consisted of two receptions who check in the patient to see his or her provider. The appointment clerk is next to the Front desk.

The appointment receptionists are the people who schedules everyone appointment and cancel a no show appointment. The Pharmacy is behind the Front desk personnel. The pharmacy provides the patients with low cost medicine based on a sliding fee. The nursing department and the physician’s office are behind the “DO NOT ENTER” sign. The health clinic have a total of seven adult examination room, and four pediatric rooms. The lab is behind the nursing station in the back of the facility. The medical center have a staff of 35 people.

Building new health care centers in low income and rural areas will have a huge influence on families in the community. Getting good quality health care services are essential to the everyday living. It would make the people in the community feel as if someone cares about him or her. When a community is left with nowhere to get any medical services, they tend to deal with whatever health issues he or she may have. Not possessing access to medical care can sometimes lead to terminal illness and maybe death. Families would be able get the medical services that he or she needed for his or her family.

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