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Hca Teamwork Assignment

Jennifer Planz As a delegated leader I am asked to solve an issue that is currently affecting the billing department of the facility I work in. The billing department need codes and important that they are not receiving. The doctor needs to be reimbursed for medical care on a patient. The facility I work in needs me to get this done in order to speed up production. This leaves me in charge of picking a team and promoting effective teamwork in order to resolve the current conflict.

I will choose the members of my eam by finding individuals who are all trying to achieve the same objective. In this case, it would be the billing specialist, the doctor, myself and a communication specialist to make it go more smoothly. All of us are involved in this conflict on one way or another and need to participate together in order for all parties to be satisfied. I will promote effective teamwork by having the communication specialist involved.

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Teamwork can also be promoted by establishing ground rules for all team players. Making sure all players knew the nature, importance and cause of the conflict problem.

Making sure everyone was aware that conflict is a natural part of life is a way to promote effective teamwork. Also offering social support, workshops, and providing leadership training. Offering social support can help soothe feelings and encourage more social support. It also reduces the risks and causes of caregivers being stressed, burned-out, and feelings of isolation. Offering workshops to employees for building their skills and help them to assume new roles in organization and managing conflict that is involved in with change and teamwork.

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Leadership training can vary on a range of topics.

The ones I like that I would use are managing conflict, handling complaints, hospitality, and writing effective memo and releases. I feel this would be good starting training sessions for soon to be leaders or those already in leadership positions. Communication skills are important because they affect the performance of every employee and not Just leaders. The basic communication skills are both essential and necessary to effectively care for someone. Training and sessions are a great way to enhance or upgrade those skills in order to perfect these skills and become a better professional.

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