Having Fun Essay

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Having Fun

The story is about Diane and Neil’s relationship. Diane is a beautiful smart girl who is very shy of moving too fast in her relationship with Neil. Diane is just turning 18 years old when she decides to take on a holiday with Neil. Neil is her boyfriend. She is arguing with her mom about that she is old enough for going away alone. She loves Neil but doesn’t want to get married in the start of the story. She wants to be a model but know how hard it is so she decides to get an education first. In the story Diane moves from not getting married before she is older to get married with Neil as 18 years old. She also is more grown up in the end of the story. In the start of the story Diane is thinking about party and having fun, but suddenly when she find out that Neil doesn’t want to wait for her to grow up she realize that she love him and want to start a family and get married.

The reason why she grows up is that while she is having fun on the hotel one of the employees are becoming interested in Diane and want to learn more about her. Neil doesn’t like that so he gets mad and leaves her. And then Diane finds out that she wants to get married with Neil because she doesn’t want to end up like her mother. Diane’s Mother lost her husband after getting pregnant so that’s the reason why Diane doesn’t want to have sex before she is sure the guy truly loves her. Neil is more like the fast forward type he loves Diane so much he doesn’t want to wait with marriage. He is not shy and wants to make love with Diane and start a family fast. He is blond hair and got good style.

I think he is very romantic and charming to the girls. The end of the story is that Neil and Diane end up getting married. I think that’s a good end and it shows us a lot of that we should take some chances and hope for the best in the persons we love. I think the story is like in all the girls’ movie you see they live happy and then they become angry on each other but in the end they become friends and start a family together. The story is a great because I think a lot of people live the same life as them. A lots of kids don’t know what they want with their life and today you need to find out before you are even 18 years old. I think it is good with this story to show the kids that it will be hard and you should take your time and not just rush into things you don’t want to do. You going to live like that for your whole life.

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