Haunted Wisconsin Essay

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Haunted Wisconsin

All houses are haunted; all persons are haunted; throngs of spirits follow us everywhere, we are never alone. Every county has they own haunted places some more known than others. I will take you on an adventure though Wisconsin’s past and present gulls and goblins that will sure give you a new look on Wisconsin. The haunted places in Wisconsin are worth learning about.

Do you know what the closet haunted places to you are? The closet haunted places are in Weyauwega, Marsh Road. There are actually two haunted roads by the name of Marsh Road in Weyauwega (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). There is one where I live stretching from highway 54 to White Lake Road, which is the road I live on, and there is one near highway ten just off of Evanswood road which is a dead end (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Both of these roads are unmarked, which means that they don’t have any street signs. The first Marsh Road I am going to talk about is the one off of Evanswood Road (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Legend says that in the 1960s and 1970s there was a “Make-out Couch”, and on the night after prom there was a couple that was on the couch late that night and it is said that a man, in which they call the Goatman, killed them and left there remains still on the couch (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29).

Also another myth is that if you stop your car on the bridge of marsh road that your car will not start back up. Many people have said that they have seen the couple’s ghosts. Other paranormal activities include orbs found in pictures from studies that have been conducted on the road (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Also many people say that if you drive down the road one way and come back road’s length is dramatically different (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). On the other side of Weyauwega is the different Marsh Road. Legends of this road include another prom story. On prom night a girl’s date stood her up and she was so upset that she hung herself that night and she was found the next day. One of my favorite myths of Marsh Road is that Ed Gein would dump the remains of his victims in the marshes on the side of the road because the marsh would suck the bodies up and they say that the victims haunt Marsh Road to this day. Other places near use that are haunted include Simpsons’ restaurant in Waupaca where customers and employees say they have seen a ghost walking around, but they say that the ghost is not hurting anyone it just likes his presents known (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 28).

The next haunted places closet to Weyauwega is Readfield Cemetery. It’s not the whole cemetery it’s just one grave that is haunted by the spirit under it, it supposedly is never in the same spot and every full moon the marble ball on top of the headstone turns (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 23). There are a lot of haunted places near us but there are a lot more up north. A night in the north can be a very fright filled night. Many cities up north are haunted but I’m only going to focus on the more well known cities. The Apostle Island may not be a city but I think the haunted place there are something to talk about (Norman & Scott 70). Before white people came to Wisconsin, Indians were forced from their homes on the St. Lawrence River so they had to settle on the Apostle Islands, but soon the island got too populated (Norman & Scott 70). People got sick which lead to death and the men couldn’t get enough food (Norman & Scott 70). As a result of not have enough food the elders of the tribe resorted to cannibalism (Norman & Scott 70). Young maidens and children were chosen and offered as sacrifice, but the population rebelled against the idea after time and the old leaders were executed (Norman & Scott 70).

Legends say that the women and children that were use as sacrifices rise from the dead and haunt near the place they were killed (Norman & Scott 70). After this time most of the Indians left Madeline Island, which is an island apart of the Apostle Island that the Indians were killed on, because they believe if they stayed on island that they would be haunted (Norman & Scott 70). Not too far from the apostle Island is town of Superior, which is home of the Fairlawn Mansion. The mansion was built by Martin Patterson and used as a resting spot for immigrants from Canada. Every immigrant that came in and out of Mr. Patterson home he treated as if they where family (Lewis & Fisk 50). Also the house at one time was an orphanage in which two girls drowned in the pool (Lewis & Fisk 51). Various people believe that the house is haunted by a servant girl that was murder by her husband shortly after moving in with him (Lewis & Fisk 51). It is said that her ghost haunts the Fairlawn Mansion because she felt most happy there in her short life (Lewis & Fisk 51).

Also in Superior there is a road called Billings Drive and that is said to be haunted, a women with red hair has been seen walking across the street with her dog, and then she disappears in the woods (Lewis & Scott 48). Other cities in Northern Wisconsin include: Rhinelander with Molly’s Rock, Chippewa Falls with Sheeley House, and just one more city is Eau Claire with Cobblestone Bar, The Opera House, Rope Swing, Stones Throw Bar/Club, UW Eau Claire, and Vine Street (Lewis & Fisk 177, 45, 54; Haunted Place in Wisconsin 7). You can’t talk about Northern Wisconsin without move south to talk about Central Wisconsin. Central Wisconsin is a mind field full of haunted places. One of the bigger cities in Central Wisconsin I consider is Steven’s Point and there are a lot of place haunted in Steven’s Point but I’m only going to talk about a few of the locations. Like bloody bride bridge, myths say that a bride was kill in an accident on her wedding night and that she roams the road she was killed on in search of her fiancée (Lewis & Fisk 18).

Here are the rest of the haunted houses: Black Bridge, Blood Cemetery, Boy Scout Lane, Old Swenson, and Red Bridge (Lewis & Scott 13-24). Not too far from Stevens Point, is Wausau. Many haunted places include The Grand Theatre, Rib Mountain Storage unit, UW Wausau, and many more (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 28). The haunted story on The Grand Theatre is one of a former theater manger who passed away many years ago and has shown himself too many people but is not known to harm anyone (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 28). Other haunted places in central Wisconsin include: Appleton, Green Bay, Menasha, Shawano, Washington Island, and plenty more (Lewis & Fisk 86, 101, 112, 200, 110). Also in central Wisconsin is one of my favorite ghost stories which is the Ghost Story of the McMillan Hotel. This is the story of the McMillan Hotel start in room 21 in 1887 when the owner of the hotel committed suicide.

Since then there have been 18 recorded death in that very room from 1970 to when the hotel closed down (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 1). If you think that Central Wisconsin has a lot of haunted places; the South has even more. Most of the haunted stories in Wisconsin action come from the south. With cities including: Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Fond du Lac, Lake Geneva, Tomahawk and more smaller cities (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 8, 13, 14, 17, 27, 30). Personally I think Milwaukee is the most haunted city in Wisconsin, which includes these haunted places: St. Adalbert Catholic Church/School, Saint Rafael School, Tamorack, UW Milwaukee, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Walker House, Tula’s Café, Ide Hour Mansion, Marquette College, Holly Hill Cemetery, Grand Avenue Mall, Bell Middle School, Cardinal Stritch University, and the Cathedral Mayer but only the Krom Building (Haunted Places In Wisconsin 17-19).

Also in Milwaukee is the Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast that I alleged to be haunted and the many ghosts that reside here and haunt in different rooms (Lewis & Fisk 248-251). For example in the gold suit is haunted by a women, she was seen in the basement by many people and then vanishes through the walls (Lewis & Fisk 248). Then there is a ghost that does not like dogs in her room (Lewis & Fisk 248). Not too far in Maribel is the Hell Hotel (Lewis & Fisk 243). Many people believe that the main door if the hotel is the “Portal to Hell” (Lewis & Fisk 243). The ghost lore of this particular hotel is that there have been numinous people say they have seen: a figure standing at one of the windows, people have reported hearing weird sounds, book upstairs have mysteriously burst into flames, blood has been seen on the walls, and many people believe the building glows brightly during a new moon (Lewis & Fisk 244). No matter where you are in Wisconsin there is a school near by the only thing difference with these schools, are that they are haunted. You think school is bad now; try going to one that is haunted. There are many haunted schools in Wisconsin, but Marquette University has the most haunted school in the whole state.

There are a number of alleged haunted spots on the campus of Marquette University, but perhaps the most famous is its East Hall. This building was once a YMCA and is said to be home to a ghostly boy who has been nicknamed, Whispering Willie. Legends says that Willie was once a young boy who drowned in the swimming pool here, and since that time has been seen swimming alongside solitary students who are doing laps in the Rec Plex pool. In addition he is often blamed for any of the unexplained events that occur in the building. They say that his ghost is known for opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, unrolling toilet paper in empty stalls and of course, which earned him his name, repeating in whispers what people are saying. Other haunted places in Marquette University include: Johnston Hall, Cobeen Hall, Tower Hall, and The Varsity Theatre (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 17-18).

There are many cities that have haunted schools or Universities, but only few places in Wisconsin have a haunted high school. In UW Madison there is the Science Hall, on Campus the hall is said to be haunted on the fourth floor of the building (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 14). The floor is used mainly for storage and not many people go up there. Sightings of beakers falling off the shelves one by one have been reported numerous times (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 14). More than one unexplained deaths has occurred in UW Menomonie’s Tainter Hall and many believe that those who have died there have never left (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 16). The kitchen in Tainter is where you can experience these spirits the most (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 16). Many people who work late in the kitchen have noticed that equipment will turn on by itself, objects will be misplaced in locked freezers, and the radios will mysteriously change stations (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 16). Whether they hang around to warn others of their mistakes, or whether they hang around to disturb the peace, it is unknown. Every haunted school has its own mysteries especially in the most haunted state, of Wisconsin.

Haunted schools may be well known but there are better known places in Wisconsin. Some of the most well known places in Wisconsin are also haunted. The three most well known haunted places are: the State Capital, Ed Gein’s childhood House in Plainfield, and one of the best known and probably the most haunted house in Wisconsin, Summerwind (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 14; Lewis & Fisk 9; McArdle & Taylor 1). The state capital is home to many big named people in Wisconsin, and the unknown which are more favorable of the fourth floor of the second wing (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 14). Workers have said that when they are up on the fourth floor getting something from storage that things fall off shelves and no one is there to explain it and door open and closes with no one seen to do it (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 14). On many accounts workers have said that they are alone up there and these things happen (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 14).

The most well known place in Wisconsin is the childhood house of Ed Gein in Plainfield. Long before Ed Gein’s arrest, local children believed that his house was haunted, because he would tell the children ghost stories and say that his house was haunted while he baby-sat them (Lewis & Fisk 10). After Ed Gein was put into the Central State Hospital in Waupun, someone purposely set his house on fire on the day of March 20, 1958 (Lewis & Fisk 10). For the people now have visited this empty lot they say that they have herd strange voices in the woods and have seen unexplained lights (Lewis & Fisk 9). Summerwind is perhaps is Wisconsin’s most haunted houses (McArdle & Taylor 1). It’s located up by West Bay Lake, in the far Northeast of Wisconsin (McArdle & Taylor 1). As of today the house is long gone from Mother Nature and the house’s last straw, a fire (McArdle & Taylor 1). The mansion was built in 1916 by Robert P. Lamont.

Legends say that the house first owner fired a pistol at what they thought might be a ghost, and the bullet holes could be seen in the kitchen on the door leading to the basement (McArdle & Taylor 1). Over many years the house was sold and sold again (McArdle & Taylor 1). The next ghostly occurrence was when Arnold Hinshaw and his family bought the house, even knowing that the house was occupied by ghosts, which they seen by vague shapes and shadow, on many occasions they would see a women (McArdle & Taylor 1-2 ). While they would working on the house Arnold found a secret cubby hole and when he went in there with a flashlight there was a corpse in there, but they left the body there which may be why the house is haunted (McArdle & Taylor 2).

Also other things would happen with other owners, like when they would take pictures old things would appear in the picture that weren’t there (McArdle & Taylor 4). Owners would measure a room and the next day the size would be very different. Many believe that the house was stuck in time and kept repeating itself to earlier time (McArdle & Taylor 4). So the Summerwind mansion will always be the most haunted house in Wisconsin. Probably even more known than any of the places in this paragraph are the attractions that come around every October to scare you to no end.

The one thing that thrives on the fears of others is the Haunted Attractions around the state. The top few attractions in Wisconsin are: Burial Chamber Haunted Complex in Neenah, Mars Haunted House in Milwaukee, The Fear Grounds in Milwaukee, The Theater Of Lost Souls in Oshkosh, Spooky Stalks Haunted Cornfield in Milwaukee, Terror On Rural Street in Hartford, Dr. S. Cary’s Haunted House in Fort Atkinson, and more not so known attractions (Wisconsin Haunted House 1, 2, 4, 6). Splatterhaus, Wisconsin’s only haunted house that is run by adults to scare adults like no other haunted house can (Wisconsin Haunted House 1).

Splatterhaus’ main goal is to scare like you have never been scared before (Wisconsin Haunted House 1). Due to the graphic nature of Splatterhaus, Parental discretion is strongly advised (Wisconsin Haunted House 1). The Wisconsin Fear Grounds is one of the state’s largest and highest rated haunted house (Wisconsin Haunted House 1). Other places include: the Theater Of Lost Souls, Angel of Deaths House of Darkness, Dr Scarys Haunted House, Dreadwood Haunted Forest, EAA Museum Haunted Hangar, Fields Of Terror, Fin ‘N’ Feathers Haunted Woods, Fright Factory of Janesville, Fright In The Night Haunted Golf Cart Trail, Gilly’s Haunted House, Haunted High, Haunted Ringlingville at Circus World Museum, Haunted Zoo & Hayrides, Hauntfest, Hauntfest WI, House of Bathory, Kathy’s Mayhem Manner, Mars Haunted House, and the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex (Wisconsin Haunted House 1-8).

During Halloween you better be ready to experience a night of extreme fear at the Burial Chamber. The Midwest’s Largest Haunted Complex bringing you four full-sized Haunted attractions in one location (Wisconsin Haunted House 2)! The Burial Chamber is home of Adrenaline Haunted House, Blood City Haunted House, Phobia Haunted Woods and The Last Ride Burial Simulators (Wisconsin Haunted House 2). Now in their 6th year of Maximum fear, they dare you to join them and get the crap scared out of you (Wisconsin Haunted House 2). I dare you to take a trip to anyone of these places, and see what makes all of the screams you hear in the night

All in all, the haunted places in Wisconsin are worth Learning about. Wisconsin has hundreds of haunted places. The one thing to remember when visiting any of the haunted locations is that many of these haunted locations are owned by private people and do not like people trespassing on their land; please be respectful. So the next time you decide to go somewhere look out for gulls and goblins because your vacation could be filled with them.

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