Haugen Julia versus Winston Contrast Essay

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In 1984, by George Orwell, the two main characters, Julia and Winston, provide a telling thrill to the readers through their passion for each other and for rebellion. Through further character analysis, one can see that Julia and Winston share similar characteristics, like rebelling against the party. But in many more ways are they very different. The brown-haired Julia, with voluptuous curves puts up a front that she is a part of the Junior Anti-Sex league and is as orthodox about the Parties values and one can get.

Upon further reading the book, Julia develops into a promiscuous, rebellious girl but does not seem to care about upsetting the government, but only wanting to have the ability to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

She explains to Winston about how she just wants to be able to do what she desires, like eating a piece of chocolate or marrying somebody she loves, whenever she wants. Examples of Julia’s concern for herself are evident when Winston is reading to Julia, Goldstein’s book, and she falls asleep.

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This shows that she doesn’t share the same fascination as Winston so obviously does. Even so the only rebellious branch about Julia is that she is “only a rebel from the waist down” (page 179, chapter 5) meaning to say that the only reason she’s considered naughty in the eyes of the Thought Police and Party is because she likes to have casual sex.

Winston, on the other hand, is rebellious and careful mentally.

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He is different from Julia in that he does want to upset the order of the government and he does want to have sex, but to him it means more than just an embrace of passion, it means showing the Party that they are doing something that is considered illegal in the eyes of the Thought Police and that they are able to get away with it. He demonstrates this ability to get away with things by reading Goldstein’s book, buying the paperweight, having sex with Julia, which further proves his yearning to overthrow the Party and Big Brotherhood. As Winston reads the book, he is fascinated with what Goldstein has to say and how Ingsoc came to be in the first place, by the modification of Goldstein’s ideas.

As the two main characters of this book, it does seem fitting to have two characters that are willing to do imaginable things that might get them vaporized by the Thought Police to be together and share some of the same values. Even though Julia and Winston share the same ideas in some ways, upon further character analysis, there are some startling differences between those two.

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Haugen Julia versus Winston Contrast Essay

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