Hate group in my home state Essay

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Hate group in my home state

There is no known hate group in my home state, Alaska. My neighboring states are Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California. There is no known hate group in Hawaii. There are twelve hate groups in Washington, Oregon has seven hate groups, and eighty-four can be found in California. Among the seven known hate groups namely: Black Separatist, Neo-Confederate, Christian Identity, Racist Skinhead, White Nationalist, Neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan which is mentioned from the last group consecutively, five hate groups are found in Indiana State.

They are Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, White Nationalist, Racist Skinhead, and Black Separatist. Since 2000, the United States has 54 percent increase of hate groups according to the “Year in hate” from the issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report. The increase of the number of hate groups in United States is caused by a declining economy, afraid of immigration and the Barack Obama’s effective campaign. It goes up to 926 percent this year. According to the Director of Research and Special Projects of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Heidi Beirich that 926 percent is like a ladder of hate steps.

Even if there are advancements made, there are people who adhere much to racist views that cause them to respond negatively to the administrations reform. So, I have learned that peaceful places like Alaska and Hawaii have zero hate groups. Indiana has five hate groups because they have negative views against the government. The increase of inequality in the place, the higher is the increase of the hate groups. Hate groups need the help of the government. If the claims of the hate groups are met, there would be no occurrence of the hate groups.

For the movement of the White Supremacist, there is an expression that is used as a war cry and demonstration by word or slogan which is called fourteen words which states “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. ” David lane formed this expression when he was in jail sacrificing for a lifetime imprisonment being a member of the order which is terrorist group of White supremacist in 1980 that robbed weapons, murder and did bombing incidents in America.

The Symbol type is Racist Extremist Group which is described by having a “Bruder Schweigen” crests at the center with an axe above it with sharp edge touching the crest and above it is a banner that proclaims “Thou Art My Battle Axe and Weapons of War. ” At the top of this is the phrase “Hail the Order. ” The hate Group or Extremist Organization which is the Order meaning Silent Brotherhood or Bruder Schweigen whose founder is Robert Mathews. The Order patterned its crimes from a group found from a novel “The Turner Diaries” authored by William Pierce who is the leader of the National Alliance.

This hate group murdered Alan Berg who was a host in a talk-show on radio I Denver, committed robberies in banks, and the synagogues bombing. The Order has nine men and one woman who were sentenced 40-100 years in the jail and fines were asked. Alex Curtis is a White supremacist of San Diego, California, who is the most significant advocate of an activism called “Lone Wolf. ” This means that a fellow racist commits violent crimes alone in order that he would not endanger other members. He introduced sales weapons. He used the “five words” which are “I have nothing to say.

” This means that if in case a lone wolf is arrested he would not tell anything or any information to the arresting officer. This group feels that the government of the United States is the worst enemy. According to the group, US ZOG (Zionist Occupation Force) is not their administration because it is controlling over the group. The race mixing or intermarriage of the Jews with the white which is deliberately supported by the government is the worst crime in history because the race will be eradicated. The race treason committed by the law making body of the US government must be penalized.

Last year in my home state there was only a theft and shooting incidents. Hate music can be examined through the Soundtrack of Hate. The tutorial on hate music is not encouraged for kids below thirteen years of age because of its graphic type. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project from its intelligence report issued a write-up from the Fall 2001 where the Soundtrack of Hate is based upon. The activities of this Hate music tutorial include; preparation of the children about the hate music if they encounter it on the web.

Next is to study the tutorial together with your offsprings. Then question your children about what would they do if they heard hate music being played or talked about. Check the CD collection of the children and if there are songs done by hate bands, examine the lyrics of hate if there information in the tutorial that degraded children, try to assure them that you come from a good family. I could say that hate music could not influence the children if they are assured of love and support from their parents and loved ones.

The philosophy of National Alliance headed by William Pierce is it is a disgrace to their race if white women will marry Jews or blacks. Racism is a racial discrimination. I admire their faithfulness and loyalty to their race. They are very particular with their racial obligation. They called treason to marry the Jews and that means death for the offender. I’m not favor with murder as its punishments. The violator is a human being who has the right to love and to live. Instead of killing the person concerned, the group can deport him back to his homeland.

The Christian Association of Young Women of the USA is one of the Human Rights groups It is nurtured by its Christian-faith foundation and maintained by its abundant beliefs and moral codes. Its purpose is to gather women ho will exert much effort and establish chances for women to grow, to lead and to be powerful so that liberty, fairness, peace, and respect will be achieve. Through there unified power, eradicate racism or racial discrimination. I’ve learned that there are still brave women who fight for equality, freedom and peace – through Christian faith. References Active U. S. Hate Groups

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