Hate Crimes Essay

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Hate Crimes

The subject of hate crimes has to the highest degree had an affect on the way in which people socialize with each other on a regular basis. The basic definition of a hate crime is just about any act of violent behavior or vocal laceration of a human being simply on the basis of his or her race, spiritual belief, or his or her sexuality. A vast number of other bases that have an influence on hate crime have been introduced which are dependants upon guiding principle in written laws.

The problem of abhorrence has absolutely overwhelmed every single one of us with queries and wished-for responses on how and why a number of of these blasphemous acts have taken place in front of the entire world. It is usually believed by people that the hate is not endorsed but erudite by means of the background of a person in particular environments. Several other factors are believed to be stirring this emotion as well. These are inclusive of the placement of a person in society, devout practices, and antagonism in the business ways.


Violent behavior aggravated by a partiality in opposition to victims’ distinctiveness which are inclusive of race, faith, cultural background, nationalized basis, sexual category, or sexual orientation, are problems that have posed an issue to the entire community. The Federal law has defined a hate crime as at whatever time a fatality is assaulted on the foundation of his or her race, civilization, religious conviction, sexual orientation, or sexual characteristics; hate wrongdoings are made in opposition to constituents of a meticulous group basically due to their association to that group.

Statistics show to us that at a time when in one year about nine thousand one hundred hate crimes took place, “a review of the data by incident showed that all but 4 of the incidents were classified as single-bias (involving only one bias motivation). A breakdown of the single-bias incidents by the type of bias revealed that 51. 4 percent were motivated by racial bigotry, 17. 9 percent were caused by religious intolerance, 16. 6 percent were the result of a sexual-orientation bias, and 13. 7 percent were triggered by an ethnicity/national origin bias.

The remainder involved a bias against a disability. ” (FBI Releases, 2004). There is no guarantee that hate crimes can ever be stopped. But there are certain steps that can be taken so as to stop such heinous crimes from taking place. First of all, the Federal Laws need to be adjusted as they do not take in sexual orientation as a hate crime. What else is that The Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA) should be made tougher with stronger punishments so that people would be scared of the law (Hate Crimes, 2006).

Another very important aspect is that every single hate crime must be reported to the higher authorities as if the sufferer does not speak up when the crime has taken place, the offender just might be able to strike back at him or her or perhaps someone who belongs to the sufferers’ base of being attacked. Criminal justice administrators and state policy makers should come to become conscious that it is necessary to create or regulate hate crime legislation. This is an issue that has undergone much debate since a long time. The answer to resolving the ever-growing predicament of hate crimes is additional hate crime legislation.


The word “Hate Crime” is perhaps a rather expansive term that holds the basic meaning that hate crime is any offense where the executors’ narrow-mindedness in opposition to an individual collection of people is a feature in having an influence upon who would be the victim. These can be inclusive of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc. the profile of a hate crime offender can vary at all times as they usually appear to be innocent people. The rules against hate crimes need to be stricter so as to help decrease the crime.

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