Hash House Harriers Essay

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Hash House Harriers

Vung Tau (Vũng Tàu) is a city in Southern Vietnam, about 125km from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It is 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and is a popular destination for weekends from Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau is the tourist and commercial center of Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu (an industrial province in Southeastern Vietnam). The whole city area lies on a peninsula which is separated from the mainland by a gulf river called Co May river. Hashing

Vung Tau Hash House Harriers (VTH3), c/- Offshore Bar & Grill (behind Rex Hotel, Front Beach). Sundays 2 pm. A great way to meet people from many different nationalities whilst also seeing more of Vung Tau and the surrounding areas as far as Ba Ria, Nui Dinh, Long Hai and Long Son island “up close and personal” is to join the local Hash House Harriers chapter (aka “kennel”) by turning up at the Offshore Bar & Grill beer garden any Sunday at 2 pm.

Wear loose fitting shorts or trousers and shirt and sturdy shoes (trainers are fine, but sandals, flip flops, etc are not suitable for the sometimes stony and/or hilly countryside you’ll be walking and/or running in). Run fees mid-2013 are 120kVND males, 80kVND females and students, 50kVND children 5-16 – and lower again for “local runs” when bus hire is not required. Free beer, water, soft drinks and occasionally snacks after the run, but please bring a bottle of water with you for the run itself. Contact [email protected] for more details or to be added to the worldwide distribution list Swimming

Seaside status makes Vung Tau a nearby paradise for Saigonners. However, for well-travelled foreigners, expect a bit less. The beach is not all too attractive with litter lining the coast, and most of the sandy eastern beach has signage about dangerous swimming. There are four beaches in the city center located in different positions. Bãi Trước (Front Beach)- Located on the center of Vung Tau and stands between Big and Small Mount.

Restaurants, kiosks, and hotels are close to the beach. Front Beach is connected through a small park called Front Beach Park. As this lays on the tourist center of the city, most people come here to visit the park and view the sunset. Bãi Sau (Back Beach) – Bãi Sau aka “Thùy Vân Beach” is the only standard beach for tourism in Vung Tau. It is 3 kilometer long and streches from the Small Mount to Paradise Park. All beaches here are free although you may cross some “water park” to get to the beach. There are services for keeping your belongings, usually 15,000 VND each person.

Umbrella is 30,000 VND, chair 25,000 VND. Fresh water bathe costs 8,000 VND. Sea parachute with canoeing available all day. Bãi Dứa (Pineapple Beach)- Small beach located along Hạ Long street, by Small Mount. Bãi Dâu (Mulberry Beach)- Small beach located on the western side of Big Mount. Bãi Dứa and Bãi Dâu are actually beaches along Mountains, thus you must go downstairs to get to the waterfront. There’s less sand and no safeguard Climb

Vung Tau’s landscape is suitable for climbing mountains, few of the hikes in Vung Tau are Hike to the Lighthouse in the little mountain. The entrance is at in Phan Chu Trinh street, about 1 km from the beach. Hike to the Jesus statue in the little mountain. This is a very nice short hike. Hike to the big mountain. The trail starts in Tran Hung Dao street. The top is very flat, and there are couple restaurants on top There is also a cable car to the top of the big mountain where there is a small amusement park. Pricey at 200,000 VND a ticket for the cable car ride and entrance to the park. Other

Riding double-bikes
See greyhound racing
Where to buy
Chợ Vũng Tàu (Vũng Tàu Market), new central market built in 1985. Vietnamese day meals start with market. Goods in markets are cheaper and fresher than in shops and that’s why a market is very familiar with every Vietnamese, esp. housewives. What to buy

Handicrafts are ample at Trung Vuong Square and are ideal as souvenirs. Eat Rice Spaghetti rice spaghetti is a famous food in Ba Ria town. The spaghetii is made from rice flour mixed with best flour to give toughness and pure white color and the soup is cooked with bone and meat to give charming taste. A hot bowl of rice spaghetti served with bean sproutswater, water dropwort and spices will be a wonderful choice for your breakfast. .

Long Hai Xeo Cake
Xeo Cake is a common dish of the Southern people. The main materials for making this cake including rice flour, shrimp, pork, egg, cat’s ear, beansprouts,… Xeo cake in Long Hai township: Long Dien district is special because they are processed with special secretes and raw materials. The cakes are crispy and delicious and served with raw vegetables and tasty fish sauce. Visit Long Hai to enjoy this special Xeo Cake which can not be found in any other places with the same delicious taste. Khot cake

Visiting Vung Tau, the visitors can not miss Khot cake which is famous and made trom rice flour with shrimp, fried onion yellow brittle. Tuyet Mai Beo Cake This is an attractive food with soft cake flour and the fat taste of coconut milk and sweet taste of shrimp and meat Goi Ca Mai Goi Ca Mai is a delicious food from long time ago of the coastal people. To have a dish of Goi Ca Mai the rawest fish is selected and cleaned, remove the bone and then mixed with vinegar, lemon, galic, chili, the fish is cooked and then mixed with fried rice flour and the fish sauce must be really delicious. Goi Ca Mai is served with raw vegetables and rolled in girdle cakes and sour and sweet fish sauce Oysters Rice Gruel

.To cook a delicious bowl of rice gruel, the cooker must select the rawest Oysters and clean and mix with pepper, onion, garlic, fish sauce. Then the rice is cooked carefully and then put Oysters in and flavor with spices. When serving, each bowl of Oysters rice gruel is sprinkled with pepper, small spring onion, fried garlic and Coriandrum. The fish sauce must be Nhi fish sauce with sour and sweet taste. Oysters Rice Gruel if more disk forest vegetables or salad to eat with banana squeeze, the more perfect. When enjoying each spoon of Oysters rice gruel, the visitor will enjoy the sweet taste of Oysters and when eating each bit of Oysters with Que Dat vegetable slowly, the visitor will enjoy the full fineness of this traditional and strange food.

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