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Harry Lavender Essay

The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender undermines many of the stereotypes within the genre of crime ? c? on. Marlene Days’ prominent themes are introduced in the extract. Power is characterised par? cularly through the antagonist, Sydney underworld ? gure Harry Lavender. Day also portrays the idea of decep? on and facade through her rendering of the duality of the city of Sydney and the characters within it. Days’ se%ng of the late 1980s conveys an era where new technology is seen and an ominent threat and a useful tool.

These themes are represented in the extract and a novel as a whole. Claudia valen? ne is represented as a powerful individual within the ? rst few pages of the novel. Day establishes her independence and control as a woman with the quote “no one gets into my room, let alone my bed, without one. ” It evokes a sense power and control and challenges the expecta? ons of women, as women are seen weaker in the world. Day also expresses the idea of power exceedingly through the antagonist Harry Lavender.

Giving his status in the underworld of Sydney, Lavender is considered a man of power. “I am a famous legend in my ? me” The use of ? rst person narra? on gives the audience a sense of personal connec? on with the inner feelings of Lavender, as well as showing what Lavender sees towards himself. Decep? on is an integral element conveyed in The Life and crimes of Harry Lavender. The idea of decep? on and facades is par? cularly shown though both protagonist and antagonist, as well as Sydney’s duality of light and dark.

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